• Lime kiln, esker, and aspen were groomed this afternoon. Conditions are excellent.

  • Trails will be groomed all week, with today, Wednesday, the only exception. Conditions Tuesday afternoon were excellent. Don’t expect much change overnight.

  • Tuesday 5:30 PM Skied Blue Stem from GUR parking to stable, quite fast until got to groomed Aspen, nice conditions, but a bit slower around Aspen part of Chickadee and back to parking. Beautiful sunny day- I’d like to point out though, with all the information and warning signage, there’s an awful lot of foot traffic on the trails. I don’t get it.…[Read more]

  • lynnmcmaster posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 8 months, 1 week ago

    Skate trails were groomed this morning and are in very good condition.
    Classic trails are still well-formed from the last grooming, and conditions range from crystalline snow to icy depending on exposure to the sun. Flat trails like Caleb’s and Farm can be classic skied with hard wax and double-poling the icy sections, but klister or skin skis…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Falcon RidgeFalcon Ridge 8 months, 1 week ago

    From Al Stewart on Monday evening:
    I skated some of the Biathlon trails, parts of High Lake and upper routes Sunday . Impeccably groomed as usual although the melt freeze temps made for a bit of frozen crust . A few rocks showing on the first portage descent on High Lake. I‘d advise walking down as it’s a steep fast chute. Really it still loo…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon Aspen was freshly groomed, but Bluestem and Esker were not. Tracks are still good although getting wide in a few spots. Lots of ski days left – get out and enjoy great spring conditions!

  • Larissa posted an update in the group Group logo of Pumpkin CreekPumpkin Creek 8 months, 1 week ago

    Skied Rogers pass yesterday, March 26. So great! Trail mostly still great from the club house to start of club trail, some soft patches in sunny areas after Rogers pass and the tracks disappear in a few places, but still snowy.

  • Skied lime kiln on Saturday evening, March 25. Super slick, trail was firm with no grassy patches. So great!

  • Just realized we left our son’s Fischer Tisa junior skis at the chickadee trailhead on Sunday March 19. If anyone has seen them or has tips on how to locate them we would appreciate if you could get in touch!

  • 3-6:30 PM Fantastic afternoon in BHP . The trails are in good shape, slightly glazed ,icy in most sunny areas, but the suns rays havent done much damage yet. The cool weather is offsetting the usual erosion and soft trails at this time of year. Purple wax gave good grip , alternated with double poling in iced over areas. West Bluestem is great,…[Read more]

  • Floyd Reichel posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 8 months, 1 week ago

    The trails looked like they were groomed Saturday night and possibly Sunday morning and are in very good shape. There is lots of snow and it is cold. It was not getting soft when I left at 2:00 with temps at -2. Should be good for the next couple of days at the very least.

  • Early Sunday afternoon we skied Orange, Green and Yellow. We tried to ski Blue, but it was blown in. At -2C tracks were fast and fun with lots of debris that did not stick to our skis. There were a few sun-drenched areas where the tracks were starting to soften, but there’s still ample snow, and these trails should still be skiable into April.…[Read more]

  • KatG posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 8 months, 1 week ago

    Freshly groomed trails were perfection yesterday!! Thank you to the Bittersweet groomers!!

  • sblight posted an update in the group Group logo of Falcon RidgeFalcon Ridge 8 months, 1 week ago

    Trails around Ski resort have been groomed since last snow, in very good shape, shaded section icy and sunny section soft,. one bare/rocking spot near High Lake, very easy to get around. South shore trail has not been groomed since last snow fall, but still in good shape

  • Fast trails ,slightly glazed , partly icy in sunny areas which make for good double poling. The skate track has about 2cm of soft snow still not packed down under hard pack, but should make for fast skating once a few more users pack it all down. As evening wore on, I was doing mostly double poling. Very enjoyable spring skiing. Enjoy the weekend.

  • lynnmcmaster posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Classic trails are being groomed tonight and will be ready for tomorrow morning. Skate trails will be regroomed tomorrow to renovate after our warm day we had today.

  • From Sophia Munro on Friday evening:
    Skied at 5:00 pm Friday and it had just been groomed. Amazing. Track a little icy at beginning but rest was debris-free, fast and no bare spots. Should be a great weekend.

  • Also downhill sections had soft snow which made it very easy to negotiate downhill turns.

  • Skied this morning. Skied Esker and Lime Kiln. Both were very good and mostly fast. A thin layer of fresh snow covered the icy glaze on the tracks. That made for good grip and glide. No debris seen. A very enjoyable ski. Hopefully forecasted rain tonight won’t happen.

  • XCSkiBirch posted an update in the group Group logo of BirchBirch 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Skate trail was tidied up today. Classic tracks are still holding out well from the last groom. Should be another great extended-ski-season weekend ahead!

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