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    Hi – I was skiing at Birds Hill this weekend (Sunday January 7) and my partner and I left our skis on the racks outside the warm up building near the riding stables. There was another pair of skis nearby, but we didn’t think anything of it. We went inside to change and when we came out and went to put our skis in the ski bag, we noticed that my skis were no longer there, but another pair of red skis were left. The other people obviously took the wrong pair of skis with them. I raced around the parking lot looking for them, but they were gone. So I was left with a short pair of skis that are a completely different brand than mine (Fischer vs. Soloman). I left the other skis with the office of the riding stable and posted a note on the board, but I REALLY want to get my skis back. They are relatively new and were a gift from my partner. And I want to ski some more this year :(. Is there any kind of forum for skiers who use Birds Hill that I can post a message on? Of if you hear anything from the person who took my skis, please direct them to me, Tim Garrett @ or 204 786 4644. Thanks for your time and have a nice day. – Tim