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    Skied the Aspen and Bluestem today. Many thanks to the groomer for a great job. Would like to add to comments made by Sarah Jane and Chris. Walkers are a constant problem. Today on a freshly groomed trail, 2 walkers and a dog walked the entire back end of the Bluestem. Last weekend, we skied on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning during which we came across 17 walkers. Later in the week, I was threatened by an individual when I reminded him (and his dog) that walkers are not permitted on the ski trails. Maybe it would be helpful for reps. from CCSAM, Friends of Birds Hill Park and other interested individuals meet with Park officials to seek a solution to this problem. – Dave

    • I think the park needs more signs. As I finished classic yesterday and went to go skate, a family showed up to go walk the trails.. they were met by the sign that’s posted at the Chickadee trail entrance.. they were pretty upset that they couldn’t “walk the trails” and I heard them say “how are we supposed to know this” A second family showed up and the sign discouraged them from walking the trails as well… so I guess what it comes down to is where the signs are posted, and who the individual(s) are… Too add to conditions today.. still good.. icey though… my kickwax was useless and I just double poled Bluestem and Aspen.. I went for a skate afterwards 2 horses made it onto the group use road, accidently, or intential.. dunno.. but there are horse bombs on the skating track.. they were cleaned up, but there is still small bits there… so ummmm watch where ya ski…. enjoy before it rains.. and hopefully we get some more snow..