• Skied Chickadee and Esker on Monday, Feb 6th. With the new snow and no grooming the trails are nearly skied out. Hopefully the Park gets its equipment repaired quickly.- Jim

  • Saturday afternoon Bluestem, Aspen and Chickadee were all in excellent shape, except for minor avoidable debris. The most recent inch of snow has been nicely skied in and the classic tracks are fast but not icy. The skate loop was also fabulous – a great day to be out skiing! -Alison

  • Even with the lack of grooming since the machine broke, the trails are still good… Chickadee has the taken the most abuse as usual. Conditions are fast! Blue stem has a few spots where the tracks are gone for very short periods. Some people were commenting it was icy, I didn’t think it was myself. – Chria

  • We skied Grand Beach on Friday. Conditions were poor for both skate and classic, as the trails were icy, chunky, uneven and hard. Beaver Pond was open but the base was very thin in spots….I took my skis off and walked parts of it. We’ll wait for new snow before going back. -Alison

  • : Although freshly groomed, the classic and skate trails still need new snow to improve conditions. – Brian

  • The entire trail system was groomed this morning. The groomer did a great job considering the melt we had. Classic tracks are good and the skate deck is fair to good. It will only improve with a little bit more snow and to help cover the Pine needles. Worth driving out there as it’s great skiing! – Corey

  • The entire trail system is mint! All trails are in very good condition as of Friday evening and Sunday morning. It appears that somebody tried to drive on the Bluestem trail on a portion at the ranch parking lot. Any new snow will help the glazed sections of the track. – Corey

  • Skating – hard packed and fast! Looks like some fresh snow on the way Monday..should help get things minty again. – Chris

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    Trails groomed Jan 27: Stroll, Easy Street, Roger’s Pass & Blue Moon to Leary’s.
    Blue Moon Shorty and to McNairs (up to the S Curve we call it) are groomed.
    Have a great weekend!

    Mystery Tour next Sunday Feb 5th.
    The Mystery Tour is our annual fundraiser event, a fun friends and family get together, a winter picnic some call it !!!
    There is a $…[Read more]

  • Trails have been groomed today. Beaver Pond is closed due to flooding. Trails are in fair to good condition. Location where snowmobile accessed the trails has been closed up again. – Mark

  • Just completed two of the freshly groomed classic trails (Lime Kiln and Esker). Groomer did a great job with the ice/snow combination, but there are sections which are quite rough. Any snow accumulation tonight and tomorrow should improve them for the weekend. – Al

  • All trails were freshly-groomed Thursday morning. At noon the Group Use Road was fast. It had a few soft bits on both sides, but the middle was as close to perfect as it ever will be. – Les

  • Poor conditions despite the recent light snow fall due to snowmobile use of the ski trails. Conditions will not improve until grooming or more snow falls. – Brian

  • Monday at noon, Conditions at Windsor Park were surprisingly good. It was cool enough and there was still enough snow to groom this morning. Sticks were showing through in a few places, and the trails were icy in a few places but it was generally very good.

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    Ah the weather…. Trails were groomed this past Tuesday eve, the coldest of the warm days we have had this week…trails are holding up ok. Mindfulness of the weather once again will go a long ways if you ski during these warmer drizzly days. Dates to remember: Sunday January 29, 2017 – Clinic “Learn to ski the hills” with Jack Cram starting at noon…[Read more]

  • Intended on going to just double pole as I didn’t feel like dealing with Klister wax… poling very soft.. poles sinking in 4+ inches all the time… went a little ways down bluestem and turned back.. Hooked back onto Aspen at group use road crossing point, some nice hiker has conveniently walked right in the track… once getting to the Chickadee…[Read more]

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    Help your self, be fit for life! Hello CCSki folks, david here, Blue Classic Trail is ready, Thank you Gord, Orange and Green Skate were prepared Thursday AM Yellow and Orange Classic Trails will be prepared soon. Trails will be refreshed as needed, to have them firm and mellow . Just look at this weather,, that is comin’ our way!…[Read more]

  • Grand Beach Ski Trails will not be groomed this week due to a major break down with the groomer. We hope to have it up and running by the beginning of next week. Sorry for any inconvenience. – Mark

  • Gerald’s description of “perfect” still applies! All evidence of the weekend wind and debris are gone and classic tracks are, well, …perfect!
    Thanks to BH staff for the re-groom on Monday. – Pat & Bill

  • The Group Use Road was well-groomed on Monday. By noon on Tuesday though, several snowmobiles had found access to the trail at three different points between 2B and 6B and had begun to claim the right half of the trail as their own. The left side of the trail is still good. For now. – Les

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