• Hi – I was skiing at Birds Hill this weekend (Sunday January 7) and my partner and I left our skis on the racks outside the warm up building near the riding stables. There was another pair of skis nearby, but we didn’t think anything of it. We went inside to change and when we came out and went to put our skis in the ski bag, we noticed that my…[Read more]

  • Grooming on most trails at Grand is great (as Floyd said, dirt churned up in a few spots). BUT – would suggest avoiding the far end of Beaver pond (trail that has been ‘Closed’ to date); it’s not ski-able: ground very uneven, more dirt/rocks/ice than snow in most spots. – Pat

  • Skied Beaver Pond today. January 5 -25 C All groomed as outlined below …..but very difficult section beyond the trail at Beaver Pond Hut for approximately 1.5 km…..trail poor condition…. extended sections down to sand and with large divots in skate track…..would not recommend doing this section til there is more snow……the rest is great…[Read more]

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    The Black, Grey, Green, and Purple trails at Sandilands are groomed and are in excellent condition. More details to be found at the club website. – Chris

  • Trails have been groomed and are in fair to good condition with some patches of dirt area’s. Beaver trail is still closed. – Mark

  • Aspen was skier tracked and was pretty decent. No rocks poking through. Lots of snow. Hoping all the trails will be groomed after last night’s snowfall. – Maria

  • I classic skied the bluestem and chickadee trails on Tuesday evening. Both are skier tracked and in good to fair condition with good snow cover. Bluestem is in better shape. Still using rock skis but it’s close using good skis. The park needs to post their winter signage to deter walkers and start packing trails. – Corey Mohr

  • Bluestem remains in good shape. Skier tracked but great kick and glide this morning (Dec2).Should stay good if the temps remain as they are. – H.Bock

  • Skied the trails at Grand Beach today(November 25). More snow than in the Winnipeg area and less evidence of the warming effects seen in Winnipeg. Temperature was around -10 this morning with reasonable glide and kick. The trails had been groomed earlier but unfortunately a lot of snowmobile damage especially on the Beaver Pond trail has made for…[Read more]

  • Skied most of the trails aside of Bluestem yesterday (Nov23).The trails have been packed I assume by the park staff as the skied in trails have been driven over by skidoo and tracked vehicles erasing the skied in trails . Poor conditions there now . Bluestem remains skied in as of last evening. H Bock

  • Saturday, November 18. All trails at Grand Beach are groomed. Classic tracks are set up firm and a little icy with ground showing through in some areas . Very ski able but i would recommend using your old or rock skis. Skate has been groomed but is very soft. Walkers on skate side are sinking in and making holes. – Timmo

  • Due to the lack of snow and ice conditions all trails are now closed for the season in Grand Beach Provincial Park. Hopefully we get better weather conditions next year and have a longer season. All the best and have a Great Spring and Summer season. Come out in the summer and enjoy the warm sandy beaches. – Mark

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    Skied Classic at Shannondale on Sunday with Jon Daniels- Blue trail was packed and groomed and in great (if abrasive) shape. The skate trails looked good too! Dave did a great job renovatiing. They still have lots of snow so should be good for another weekend! – Brent

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    Hello Ski Folks, David here, The weather looks good for this weekend for skiing. Expect all five of the trails to be Rather fast with shallow mellow ripple for Saturday and Sunday March 4 & 5 . Classic tracks are setting up full shape with a little fresh snow present in tracks. Come and enjoy, `1 David !!

  • Skied the Aspen and Bluestem today. Many thanks to the groomer for a great job. Would like to add to comments made by Sarah Jane and Chris. Walkers are a constant problem. Today on a freshly groomed trail, 2 walkers and a dog walked the entire back end of the Bluestem. Last weekend, we skied on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning during which we…[Read more]

    • I think the park needs more signs. As I finished classic yesterday and went to go skate, a family showed up to go walk the trails.. they were met by the sign that’s posted at the Chickadee trail entrance.. they were pretty upset that they couldn’t “walk the trails” and I heard them say “how are we supposed to know this” A second family showed up…[Read more]

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    Greetings CCSkiers, David here, The Green Skate and the Blue and Yellow Classic have been groomed and set . The Orange Skate and the Orange Classic Trails need a couple more passes tomorrow morning to make crumble for control conditions. All Trails will be refreshed tomorrow, Sunday morning Feb 26, 2017. All trails are fast with only shallow…[Read more]

  • Wednesday afternoon all ski trails were groomed and in very nice shape, including the Group Use skate trail. Thanks to the groomer for a great job! – Alison

  • Feb.15 a.m.—Did the full Beaver Pond classic style.I expected the trail to be in pretty good shape and it was except I did not anticipate the amount of debris that was in the tracks.A lot of pine needles which slowed the glide a lot on most of trail,not enjoyable at all.The skate skiers seemed to have a better time of it.Would not recommend…[Read more]

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    Absolutely superb skiing conditions today, at Pumpkin Creek and a wonderful Mystery Tour event put on by the wonderful volunteers!!! Thank you very much on behalf of all those who partook ))) – Dan

  • Skied Bluestem, Esker and Chickadee trails on friday night. Someone had attempted to skate ski large sections of the Bluestem (please don’t do this) and in places his ski strokes chewed into the grooves on the right side main track. Because of this the track was a little unstable and hard to ski on. (Note that this very quickly deteriorates a…[Read more]

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