• BHP was again busy today. Wow, it got warmer than was forecast this afternoon. Shoulda gone in the a.m. But Esker trail still had more good-enough-to-keep-going spirit than my kids did. We gave it 5/10. A mix of sticky and slushy with a bit of slippery and occasional grass etc. No ponds or big muck though. Lift a ski here, swing off the trail a…[Read more]

  • Skied Lime Kiln and Esker on skier set tracks today along with a bunch of other people enjoying the day. The tracks are fair with some dirt and slush showing so recommend rock skis. Should be good for the rest of the day and tomorrow morning. It was worth the trip. Just nice to get out 🙂

  • There are skier-made tracks on all the classic trails, and they will likely still be good tomorrow morning. The Chickadee parking lot was busy.

  • For those wondering, sadly no we aren’t grooming this weekend. Snow machines and grooming equipment have had their year end maintenance and are put up for summer storage. Stay safe everyone. See you next winter!

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Friday morning:
    There has been a few inquiries about grooming with the recent snowfall. The District will not be grooming at this time, equipment is down for post season maintenance. The Park remains open, the ski community can continue to ski, please continue to practise…[Read more]

  • I skied late in days Sunday 3-6-pm-ish and only hit lime kiln. The ski to the cabin was near perfect for spring skiing conditions. The flooded parking lot and rough conditions At start (lots of pine tree debris, melted track) almost had us turning around but we plowed on and we’re shocked at how wonderful the trail conditions were! No boot p…[Read more]

  • Sunday morning 7:15 to 10:00, -2° to 0°, sunny.
    The Group Use Road has a gazillion footprints. It was icy the entire time I was skiing on it. You just adapt after awhile.
    The snow is still contiguous, although one very short section on the SW internal bay will be completely bare (impassible) by the end of today. Other than that, it should still b…[Read more]

  • Friday morning 7:15 to 9:30, -1° to +1°. Fortunately, clouds didn’t fully clear until 9:30.
    Classic: Bluestem and Aspen are still fairly good. Icy-fast, but “soft-icy” at this temperature. There are a few places where the track has melted away, but it was a minor inconvenience. Very enjoyable ski.
    Skate: The Group Use Road was very good. Like c…[Read more]

  • Just want to thank Birds Hill Park staff for grooming the trails 7 days ago and also throughout the winter. That decision resulted in fantastic conditions this past week for the skiing community to enjoy.

    • I agree.
      And specific thanks to park manager Joanne for emailing me when her staff were re-grooming the trails. Information is king and knowledge is power.

  • Thursday 11:30-1:00 – it was snowing when I started, and a light layer had settled in the tracks, but it was still a fast ski. Aside from evergreen debris on the return stretch east of Chickadee, Bluestem was in very good condition, and well skied in by the time I finished.

  • Thanks for the update Harvey. I’d never skied at Wildwood so gave it a try. Some places were too icy, others too soft, others too watery, but some stretches were just right. Classic tracks looked done. Skating will probably be done after tomorrow. Saw two others skate skiers out before dinner too.

  • Classic trails (Esker, Lime Kiln, Chickadee, Aspen), Wednesday 11:15 to 1:30, -5° to -3° and bright sun.
    All classic tracks are still fairly well-defined, but they are widening. I encountered two bare spots of less than 1 metre long and only one track wide — on Lime Kiln and on Aspen. For the first hour, the tracks were ice/icy and of course e…[Read more]

  • Wednesday afternoon – sad to say the Spruce trail is deteriorating. It was soft/slushy with dirt patches in sun-exposed areas, then rock hard and icy in other areas, not very safe for skate-skiing. There were many dog walkers out. Has anybody been on the classic trails today?

  • Went skating today at noon. It was very icy, bald spots, river is water now and the xc tracks are looking rough

  • The skating track was soft but quite lovely to ski. The classic track “looked” somewhat melted. Thanks to all who supported the trails at the Wildwood Community Centre this season with your donations. Cheers.

  • yboat posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 7 months ago

    Went for an evening skate at about 9 pm and 1 degree. It was pretty good! If you want to be picky, the track was a wee bit chewed from the skating, poling and a few boots when it was very soft in the afternoon. And there are a few thin/wet spots. But overall very good. A little icy, but edging wasn’t bad. Lights were on too. The river crossings…[Read more]

  • Monday morning – the north portion of Spruce trail was hard and fast for skating, with many footprints (human and dog). Hope the afternoon walkers stayed closer to the edge to keep it skiable for the days ahead. Thanks to everyone for posting helpful reports, to park staff for the wonderful grooming, and especially Kevin for all his hard work!…[Read more]

  • Monday morning, -7° to 0°. We skied all classic trails except Aspen east of Chickadee.
    All tracks are still very well defined. They are icy, except near the trailheads where they are closer to being ice.
    We did 90% double poling. Skin skis worked great for the few short/steeper ascents. There are many instances of Vs cutting across the tracks, b…[Read more]

    • Maybe that herd of hacks got off the trail… it was early going after the Chickadee trail entrance, they were heading CCW…

  • C Hill posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Skied lime kiln Sunday afternoon and wow, so happy to see so many skiers out enjoying the trails. No walkers on line kiln so tracks looked perfectly set. Kudos to the staff and management at BHP for all their efforts this year keeping the trails beautifully groomed and managing trail use conflicts. I hope to take advantage of these amazing…[Read more]

  • Further to what Allan H posted skating on GUR.. ran into a group of 4 people walking on GUR who were also pushing large baby strollers, walking 4 across the skate lane… ran into them twice while doing this… finishing I ran into a group of 15-20 walking down the trail including a bunch of kids.. with the soft conditions its gonna leave alot of…[Read more]

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