Tony Hoess

  • I skied at Beaudry today. Elm and Grape were in very good shape. Across the river, Basswood was in amazing shape. Cottonwood was only skier tracked and rough though. And across the other river, Maple was in really good shape too.

  • Skied at Beaudry today. There is enough snow to ski, but there are no tracks, so you are just making your own tracks on top of the walker tracks. I don’t recommend it, unless you are desperate to ski

  • I did reach out to Kathleen Brown, BHP Park manager, about the BHP groomer, and she said: “Thank you for your email and reaching out. You are correct the groomer did break down toward the end of the season and we are working on having it repaired. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy of a fix that we had hoped but I can tell you we have been trying v…[Read more]

  • I went to ski BHP today.
    I did Aspen – I’d rate the Aspen cc ski trails as decent. There were a lot of areas that I’d rate as a 7/10 for spring skiing (skier made trails and icy but not bad), but the leaves are starting to show in a few places and there are a few holes in deeper snow areas, so you had to be careful.
    I also did Bluestem – and…[Read more]

    • Please be more critical of the park and its lack of grooming. If we keep patting them on the back like this, they will get worse and worse.

  • Skied Esker and Kiln last night. Trails were skier set only with the new snow, but there seemed to have been a lot of skiing done on them, so they were in pretty good shape, and decently fast. was a good ski! Days are getting longer 🙂

  • Skied Aspen, Chickadee, Esker and part of Kiln, starting at 4 pm today. There was a gentle snow falling, so the tracks were sticky. Hasn’t been groomed lately, but I’d call the conditions for most areas a 8 / 10, with the occasional 7/10, and a few rough spots.

  • Skied Esker and Kiln today – the little snow that we had on Thursday night covered up the leaves and made it a really nice ski. There are still a few bad patches, but for the most part, the trails were in good shape and made for a very enjoyable classic ski