• Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Pine FallsPine Falls 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    From Duck Lake Ski Club on Saturday noon:
    We were out testing the new groomer. Not all trails were done and not all trails done are skiable. Duck lake trail was done but is much too wet to use. The corner at the the bottom of Sunshine is also wet but passable, from there go up the Bear to the Chalet, back down the Bear from Chalet thru the bush…[Read more]

  • From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club on Saturday morning:
    The Skandic was put away for the season, so trails will not be groomed. However, I cannot resist trying to go out and plow my own trail today. Dug my skis out of the closet. Someone figured us skiers needed a covid break! Hope everyone is healthy.

  • From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club on Sunday morning:
    Skied yesterday, trails were still quite good. Best place to be right now! Trails have not been groomed, not necessary, and likely wouldn’t do much. Hopefully, cool weather will continue.

  • Classic skied beaver and squirrel. Enough snow but lots of debris. Rare rock exposure. Downhills were icy and extra cautious. Not groomed lately. Skate skiing looked soft.

  • Monday early afternoon – Grand Beach classic tracks had 2-3 cm of new snow, but were in very nice shape. Snow covered most of the debris and slowed us enough to make the most challenging hills less treacherous than usual. We had a great ski with the warm sun shining on us. There’s still plenty of snow…enjoy it while you can!

    • Just want to add to Alison’s comments. There are 4 large boulders poking through the snow so you may not want to use your good skis.

  • Susan posted an update in the group Group logo of PinawaPinawa 2 months, 1 week ago

    Skate skied the Red again today. Pretty nice conditions. Was groomed this morning as was the Racers and Pacers loop by the Pinawa Club and the rest of the golf course. Noted that some of the classic track has been wiped out in spots. Blue trail looked like it was groomed for classic today but haven’t checked it out – maybe tomorrow!

  • Skied Grand Beach this afternoon. A cm of 2 of snow yesterday covered most of the trail debris but also made it a little slow. The classic tracks were pretty visible except for a few places where they were blown in. It was a nice day and the sun came out near the end. Going to go again tomorrow

  • A friend wrote on Monday morning:
    I skied the Green and Blue trails yesterday, and they were actually quite good. We didn’t get a lot of snow last Wednesday in Lac du Bonnet, so it just took people skiing to “groom” them. We had a tiny bit of snow last night. Trails should be wonderful at these temps. I hope to get out again myself today.…[Read more]

  • The classic tracks look good at Grand Beach but the skating was very bad on Friday. The groomer left a track mark down the centre of the trail. This, in combination with the soft snow, made skate skiing difficult. Dangerous conditions on the steep hills as slowing down in the soft heavy snow was difficult.

  • Parks staff report that all trails were done today and are in good condition. They only got 2 inches of snow last night so not much to work with.

  • This morning (4th March) there was plenty of snow with no bare patches, rocks or debris. The trails had not been groomed since the last snow but had been tracked by skiers so the skiing was good. This evening’s snow will have covered the tracks again, so hopefully it will be groomed once the snow has stopped.

  • From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club on Monday morning:
    We skied yesterday. Trails were surprisingly good yet. Very enjoyable.

  • Skied Blue & Red trails today – other than debris, they’re still in great condition. The worst debris was on the connector trail.

  • Thursday afternoon – still good conditions at Seven Sisters, with the debris being mostly skied in, and a bit icy in places. The hills are fast – be warned!

  • Alison Steele posted an update in the group Group logo of PinawaPinawa 3 months ago

    We classic skied Pinawa at noon on Monday, and found the hills on the Red trail too icy, so we skied the Golf Course trail. It was being groomed as we skied, and was in good shape, but fast. All glide and no kick, but a gorgeous day to be out! More snow is needed to make these trails last.

  • Phyllis Duha posted an update in the group Group logo of Seven Sisters FallsSeven Sisters Falls 3 months ago

    Skied 7Sis this morning. Icy and crunchy but still very skiable. Lots of debris in spots. All in all, a good ski.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of PinawaPinawa 3 months ago

    From Darryl Hrechkosy on Friday morning:
    My cousin and I skied Pinawa on February 20/20. The Blue and English Trails could do with a grooming as I found some down hills and turns a bit sketchy, but other than the usual rock showing here and there very little debris in tracks and decent snow coverage. The warming hut there now has wood. The Golf…[Read more]

  • Wednesday’s track setting has been covered by 2 or 3 inches of snow making for a winter wonderland. However, several skiers have skied over the tracks making it quite doable and enjoyable.

  • 8 Charleswood Ski Club members skied Otter Falls on Sunday. Very good tracks. The snow was generally very good, but Canadian Shield granite is lurking near the snow surface in a few places. Our skis have a couple new very minor scratches. Very enjoyable except …

    “a couple of intermediate hills”. Yes, parts of the 7K loop are gently rolling,…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the detailed track report, a lot of good info for someone heading out there for a ski.

    • Sloan Cathcart (Head of Interpretation, Manitoba Parks) has looked into my concerns about the trails at Otter Falls. He has told me about solutions that Whiteshell Provincial Park staff will implement:

      Staff went out yesterday to see what can be done. They report:
      • They will be bridging the open water issue at the shoreline with some logs and b…[Read more]

  • 8 Charleswood Ski Club members skied Seven Sisters Falls on Sunday. Very good snow. Very good tracks. Very enjoyable.

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