• Groomed. Starting to see slush west of the AssPark foot bridge. Today is the last time grooming will take place west of the foot bridge this season. Conditions are beautiful. Double trackset and pretty wide skate lane. Get out and boost yer immunities!

  • I got out and skied at lunch. Conditions 11/10! Just a glorious day out there.

  • Groomed from Vialoux to just west of Route 90 today. Conditions are great and the forecast for the week is fantastic. Get out and ski!

  • Groomed from Vialoux to Hugo this evening. Trail had seen plenty of use since the last grooming four nights ago and was getting pretty icy in spots. Should be in great shape for Sunday skiing!
    Drop in to the Bourkevale CC canteen to try the best hot chocolate in the city! Only $1! Canteen open 1-9pm.

  • Groomed last night. Get out and ski in the sun, folks! Conditions should be great today.
    There’s a narrow skate lane from Bourkevale west to Vialoux. About 3km.

  • Just skied Bourkevale to Vialoux. Trail quite blown in. Will be groomed tonight.

    Lots of skiers throughout the day! Brought me a bit of joy every time I saw someone ski past while I was sitting inside working.

  • Uh oh. Number one son left the groomer machine on all night and now we’ve got ourselves a double-trackset trail from Smithdale Park (on Vialoux) to Hugo, where the Nestaweya Trail starts.
    Should be a beautiful day to ski Sunday. Ever ski to the Forks from St James? Now you can, on a groomed trail!

  • Skied from Bourkevale CC east past trail end at Canora and back, finishing at sunset. Trail is in good shape and glide, where not blown in, was good despite the temperature. Probably 15-20% is blown in a little to a lot.

  • Groomed last night. Double trackset for entire length, but did not have time to groom the skate lane. Skied full length today. Conditions A1. Just excellent. As another well-known groomer would say: get out and boost yer immunities!

  • River from Canora St to west end of Assiniboine Park to be groomed this evening for Louis Riel Day skiers tomorrow. Time permitting, skate lane from Rte 90 to west end of trail will be refreshed as well.

  • Skate lane from Rte 90 to west end of Assiniboine Park being groomed tonight. Classic tracksets are still in acceptable shape with minimal ice so will not be renewed. Happy skiing this weekend!