Richard Remnant

  • My wife and I skiied Chickadee yesterday and parts of Chickadee and Aspen this afternoon. Given the time of year, conditions are great and kudos to the BHP trail maintainers. Only encountered a few walkers yesterday, but there were quite a few today. Ran into a couple out on Chickadee this afternoon, both with leashed dogs, so I felt it was time…[Read more]

    • Agreed Richard. Can’t do/say much unless signage is up. I encountered 3 walkers yesterday on the trails myself. They were courteous enough to walk on the side of the trail as to stay away from the tracks and I thanked them for it. They were well mannered folks at least.

    • When I encounter this situation I remind the people that there is actually signage at the trail head as well as all over the BHP section of the MB parks website, every map states summer and winter use of the trails as well.