Roy O

  • Skied Aspen trail this morning. Trail was perfectly groomed! A great ski was had by all.

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    Many thanks to those who posted trail reports this winter! They were useful and enjoyable to read. See you all on the trails next winter. As for me, it’s dry land skiing on my Nordic Track until the snow falls again.

    • Yes, thanks to all that posted reports.. it was a weird season for sure… alot of frustration at the end of the season with so much snow and to have the park not doing any grooming at all when it was perfect conditions… enjoy the summer..and hope for that Haloween blizzard!

  • -18ºC this morning on Aspen trail. Conditions were superb! Sometimes tho’ I wonder about people…I passed a mom walking the trail alongside her child who was skiing. Sheesh!

  • Friday morning. Aspen trail still in great condition with icy sections in places.

  • Good trail conditions in the falling snow this morning. Lots of glide. Upon entering the park off highway 59, I noticed a mobile roadside sign displaying various messages, one of which was “Dogs Must Be On Leash”. Perhaps it would be a good idea to also add “No Dogs or Hikers On Groomed Ski Trails” to get the attention of those who ignore the sig…[Read more]

    • Funny yesterday when I went in I was thinking the EXACT same thing… its pointless to have all these threatening signs with fines and such when there is no one to enforce it…

      • I’m certain there is absolutely no Conservation staff there at all on Sundays

        • I never see them on the weekends… and even in the summer where I do the bulk of my cycling training , I rarely see them anymore…

  • Great conditions on the classic trails today.

  • Aspen trail excellent today. In some open areas the trail is kinda thin but overall groomed well with enough snow base.