Rosemary Dohan

  • Some classic trails were groomed at some point. Not enough snow in some parts, showing a lot of grass and leaves. It’s rough because of the sledding and walking, but not totally unskiiable. Most of the track is skier-tracked. The skate is in OK condition, much better than the classic.

    Is there a place to get updates on this other than this…[Read more]

  • Skiied at Wildwood last night and the trails are great for classes and marginal for skate with new snow. Wondering if the admin for this have a suggestion for what one would pay for a season membership? I would rather just put in one donation to keep administrative time down and I don’t carry cash very often…wondering if I’ve missed a suggested…[Read more]

  • East side of bluestem nice but both soft and icy. Chickadee was the same. Some bare batches on bluestem. Little piece of Esker was in good shape.

    And a bazillion walkers!! 7 people that I saw alone. My partner saw others on the skate ski track.

    Skate ski track was very fast, lots of ruts.

  • Bluestem on the west side of the park and Chickadee are both excel today. Great glide. Lots of deer.

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    Conditions were great on Saturday for skate and classic all over. We skied almost every trail. What a gem! Trails were fast (but not icy fast, just well-groomed fast) for classic.