Paul Chapman

  • December 3, 2022
    Over a foot of snow so far this season. The yellow, blue and purple trails have been packed and tracked 3 times and are freshly packed as of yesterday. Quite a bit of cleanup was done after an early season ice storm but there are still some overhanging trees that will dump snow down your neck. Pelican Point trailhead is open…[Read more]

  • January 4 trail update. Over 16” of snow so far this winter. Trails have been packed and tracked although there is 4” of fresh powder on top. Chalet trailhead and Pelican Point trailheads are both open.

  • November 20, 2021. 6” of snow but the blue and yellow trails are packed and tracked. Fair early season conditions so expect some stones and sticks. Fine for snowshoeing. Chalet gate is closed, parking available at Pelican Point trailhead. Follow highway 287 to Pioneer Bay Campground. 200 m past campground look for signs to Pelican Point.

  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park trail update: Clearwater Lake Outdoor Club and Manitoba Parks have been working hard on the trails this winter. Currently there are 15km of groomed trail and over two feet of snow so far this season. Join us on Facebook for updates and download the trail map at For now preferred…[Read more]