• We skied the full Beaver pond trail on Mon. 23rd. Certainly agree with previous post, trail that crosses Creek has never been groomed, I don’t think this year. Information of this should be posted at the parking lot and it would be nice if there were MAPS available, as we don’t ski this area very often. There was fresh snow overnight, trail was…[Read more]

  • Spent 3 days at West Hawk Lake. Ski trails not as good as expected. South Whiteshell had a track, but had not been groomed recently so had covering of fresh snow. South Falcon Trail had a “packed” trail, no ski track, so was not very good.

  • Anyone know the trail conditions at Alfred Hole?

    • Manitoba Parks’ Interactive map (click the link above, near the bottom of the trails descriptions) says “groomed on Feb 11, good conditions”.