• Skated at Wildwood this aft.. saw about 7-8 other skiers out there.. there are classic tracks, some what of a defined skating track… its totally doable!

  • Classic at Wildwood this evening at 630 PM.. classic trails are shallow, blown in at times.. drifting in other places. Very slow conditions.. track is firm, but poling was very soft alot of times. Skate trail has blown in areas as well.. overall its like that super hard pack sand papery drift where no mater what you do…. you aren’t gliding…

  • “Late Breaking News”…. The Wildwood Community Centre and golf course were groomed Thursday morning (thanks Jim) and are in great condition. It’s not too late to support the trails-an initiative between the community centre and Saint-John’s Ravenscourt school. Pick up a donation envelope at the trail heads.