Michèle Keijzer

  • Skied the back half of Bluestem this morning (Tues). As of noon today, it had been packed but not tracked. Less walked-on than Aspen or Chickadee. Some classic ski tracks from other skiers. Lovely conditions!

    • So even though its been packed, there are still people walking on it… Can I be hired as a park official for one winter to dish out $300 fines? Park would have such excess funding they could re asphalt the entire main road!!

      • The fine should go to the weatherman who predicted a huge dump of snow and near blizzard conditions for today . Can they ever get anything right anymore, even with all thier technology? 25 centimeters of snow?
        bah humbug. Lost a good day of skiing because of bad prediction. This entire fall has been nothing but dismally wrong weather predictions.

        • I fly for a living and even I saw from what the way the pattern was moving it was not going to hit us the way it said… I wasn’t expecting nothing though… like I always say, weatherman… only job where you can be wrong half the time and still get paid!