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    Skated the GUR on Thursday afternoon. It had 2-3 cm of packed snow but not enough to groom properly. All the other trails I saw had been packed with a snowmobile but not tracked. Think snow.

    • the problem is the GUR wasn’t initially done correctly by snowmobile. The CENTER needs to be run over several times by a snowmobile not just once, to pack it down. Now there where two tire tracks there before , the snowmobile went over the center, so now there is not a uniform density on the trail. Along with all the footwalkers making a mess, and a lack of interested skate skiers going out and actually doing a bit of work by slogging through the soft stuff to improve the base , we might get there by April.

    • Ahhh good to know.. there went my weekend plan.. Windsor it is.. except Environment Canada is calling +2 and +3 for the weekend… I knew I should have sucked it up and went to Silverstar…

      • The GUR is in good shape( Friday afternoon). Slowly getting firmer by other skaters and even the warm weather for the weekend wont harm it much. The ground is too cold and the suns rays are too low, so will be really good skiing this weekend and into Christmas.