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  • The group use road received about 1 cm of snow over the last day or so. At mid-afternoon skating was much slower than it’s been in the last month

  • Late morning Sunday, the GUR was fast and not icy at all. By about one PM it was beginning to get softer and skating was getting slower. There are still no bare spots. The parts of the classic trails that I could see appeared to be skiable but I didn’t see any classic skiers.

  • On Thursday at around noon, the GUR had softened enough that skating was fast and offered some control. Still no bare spots. The classic trails appeared to be decent.

  • Skated on the GUR late morning and found it quite icy to begin, so I cut onto Aspen for a few kilometers. By about noon, the road had softened somewhat and skating was fast. Still no bare spots and not too much damage from walkers.

  • I skated the GUR and double -poled parts of chickadee and Aspen starting at 11 on Friday morning. It was icy at first and starting to get soft by about 1230 when I finished. Overall, conditions are good, with no bare spots.

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    On Sunday afternoon the GUR was starting to get softer and squeakier, but skating was still moderately fast and there are no bare spots. We should have two or three days left.

    • I was expecting icy sugary conditions but was met with a layer of fresh snow.. I got a 2 lap shoulder workout… tomorrow AM will be rocket fast with the -8 overnight low…

    • I’m willing to bet that we have more than 2 or 3 days, even with +7/+8/+9 temps and sunny. Packed snow melts slowly and there’s a quite a bit of it on those trails.

  • The GUR was freshly groomed and fast on Friday afternoon. Skating was the best it’s been all season

  • I skied parts of chickadee, Esker, the GUR, and Aspen on Tuesday morning. Trails are bumpy and fast–not helped by my choice of a green was that was too cold for conditions.
    Park staff have posted signs at three places near strategic access points to chickadee in particular. The signs seem sturdier than in years past, but as Kevin pointed out,…[Read more]

  • Skied Esker on Friday and chickadee today. Both were in decent shape, considering the lack of snow and largely left alone by walkers.
    Chickadee and the group use road, on the other hand, appear to be taken over by the undead although one or two skaters have tried the GUR.

    • Surprise surprise.. people walking and hacking the ski trails.. I wish the park would just enforce that fine ONCE.. word would get around really quick… I guess the only saving thing right now is there really isn’t much of a trail to be destroyed…

  • That’s it for the ski season. Time to put the skis into the rafters, clean up the roller skis and hope this pesky snow goes away so that the season can begin

    • Yes.
      No. Roller skis were cleaned/lubed last fall before being put away, and classic skis and skating skis have been cleaned and saturated with a very soft glide wax for summer storage.
      Yes, the snow will all be gone by the end of this weekend.

  • Skated the GUR around noon on Thursday. There were no bare spots yet, but it was very icy and difficult to maintain control. I double poled as much as I skated. Still better than a day in the office.

  • Skated the GUR late Monday morning. It has the inevitable tree debris and footprints on it, but no bare spots. It became softer around noon, but we should still have a few days off skiing left.

    • Agreed!!! The skate loop is in pretty good shape. The stick debris, compliments of the big wind yesterday, and some deep gouges from skiing in soft conditions just make for a more challenging ski))). I started at ~7:15 and was rewarded with fast glide and very good edge. I think without the negative double digits night time temps, the trail…[Read more]

  • The new snow and the warm temperatures have taken the edge off the icy conditions of last week. I skated the GUR late this morning and it was moderately fast. The base is hard enough that even the (numerous) Walkers haven’t caused much damage.

  • On Thursday afternoon, Spruce trail was freshly groomed and in great shape. Walkers had pockmarked the first couple of kilometers, but the rest was great. Spring skiing has begun.

  • The group use road was groomed today (including the 2 new loops). Conditions are now prime. The trail is fast and smooth. Kudos to the park staff for adding those two new sections. They’re a low-cost way to increase the skate-skiing capacity.
    Get out now before it’s gone.

    • If the weather forecast is right…in the next 10-14 days we’re going to get more snow then we have had all winter… rain to snow this weekend 15cm, and next weekend currently showing 20-30 total!! I know its a long range prediction, but if we even get a quarter of that it will keep it going!

      • Have you tried the new for skate ski Spruce trail yet? It’s at the end of Nimowin road. It’s really good

        • I haven’t… I keep meaning to go.. lately I’ve been bringing my classic skis and doing 10-15km then go skate for an hour… Im too lazy to drive over LOL I’ve heard its a nice trail though.. I might try it out this weekend provided the warm weather doesn’t take its toll…

  • Skied Esker on Saturday and Sunday. It was decently skier-packed on Saturday, but the walkers and fat-bikers had begun trampling it by Sunday.

  • BHP Sunday November 12
    Classic trails were skier-packed but not bad. A few people had tried skating with limited success. Chickadee was pockmarked by walkers, but Esker and Aspen were decent for this time of the year. Used Swix red.

  • Skated the Group Use Road late Thursday morning. With the temperature about +2, it was still icy but not bad for skiing. There were no bare spots at all, but several low spots where slush had refrozen to ice. Chickadee appeared to have been wiped out by fat bikes, but people were skiing on Aspen and said it was good.

  • I skied the first part of Blue Stem onto Esker, and then the last part of Chickadee. They were all skiable but icy. I bypassed the lookout hill by going backwards down Chickadee onto the GUR and then onto the final leg. Even that short downhill on the GUR was treacherous with the ice. But then again, it was better than a day at the office.

  • The new snow on the weekend cut down on last week’s iciness on the Group Use Road. Even without grooming, conditions were not bad. Thanks to MB Conservation for posting a no walking sign right at the trailhead. As I was changing, it deterred one gentleman from walking. A few more such signs posted by the skating trail may help to turn away those…[Read more]

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