Karin McSherry

  • Had a great crust skate ski at Windsor this morning. Even at noon, there were still lots of firm spots to ski on . Went over to St. Boniface golf course too and there were lots of good spots there as well (but had to take skis off to go over pathways). I think the crust skiing should be good early tomorrow – before 9 or 10, and then we’ll see…[Read more]

    • I also would like to know what the crust is like at Birds Hill Park. I classic skied there yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance to scout out the snow coverage on the open-field parts of the park where I’ve crust skied in previous years.

  • Had a good evening ski until dark. Trails were much better than I thought. Used skate skis on classic trails ,doublepoling with occasional sideskating on uphill gradients. Still well defined track in most places . Skated on group use road . Not bad at all, just a very hard track. If temps stay cool will be good skiing here for a while yet.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    From Ardythe McMaster:
    Bittersweet Trails are now closed. The March Sun has won again!
    We thanks all those skiers who chose Bittersweet this year, some of them driving considerable distances. Near and far, we loved meeting you all!
    We have some ideas for trails improvement for next year. Cookies are guaranteed!
    One last thank you, and that is to…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill Park, Sunday afternoon, -5° to -3°, sunny.
    Bluestem, north Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, Aspen.
    The tracks were “solid icy” when we started at 1:00 and “soft icy” by the time we finished at 3:30.
    Almost totally still clean — a few short areas of debris and a handful of places where dirt was showing.
    Most of the track is still f…[Read more]

    • The track is flat, some light ripply feel on the outer edges… mostly animal tracks on there from skijoring, didn’t see any human footprints…the middle portion from people skiing yesterday didn’t melt so the “v” was frozen in places in the shade… definately fast.. if you have good balance you could really let it rip in there for sure…

  • Sunday PM, skated Group use road.. temp was still around -5 so hardpacked, rutted from the previous day of skating up the middle. Sides were best option in my opinion. Hard to get an edge at time.. if you have good balance, you will be cruising! Classic on Bluestem was a different stpry.. both tracks still defined, but soft and slushy in places..…[Read more]

  • Pleased to report that — despite bare patches, walkers’ pockmarked divots, icy snow and open water — Camp Morton is still very skiable! Assuming, of course, that your priorities are, like ours, to extend your ski season come what may… and not to enjoy a quiet commune with nature or pleasant conversation with your ski buddy. We sounded like a cou…[Read more]

  • Elise Watchorn posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    We had hoped to ski Bittersweet today but luckily opted to give Ardythe a call first – sounds like skiing is done for the year. Trails have deteriorated too far: the track has sunk and the snow that’s left is ice. See you next year, Bittersweet!

  • Elise Watchorn posted an update in the group Group logo of SandilandsSandilands 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Skied pretty much everything at Sandilands Saturday and it was glorious. Only Grey, Grey Connector, the southern bits of Green, and the northern half of Black have been recently groomed, but the other trails were firm and just as fast. The best skiing may have been across the road on Yellow and Blue, which were just lovely! Wore the rock skis but…[Read more]

  • https://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/parks/recreation-and-activities/trail_conditions/ says:
    Trail Grooming Update: March 21, 2019
    Snow conditions are deteriorating with the arrival of spring conditions across the park system. Regular grooming is ending. Ski trails will be fast under cooler temperatures, and soft under midday sun. Expect bare patches and…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    From David Lumgair:
    Davvid here,
    Lotsa snow at Shannondale.
    I groomed Yellow Classic and Green Skate this morn.

    Looks like no thawing on Sunday.
    I will groom for Sunday skiing! Yahoo!!
    I can “Craze the Glaze”, “Bust the Crust”, “Slice the ice”, and “Shift the Drift”.

  • yboat posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    What a pleasure to meet David and ski Shannondale! Only the main (green & yellow) trails in valley bottom were freshly groomed, but we skied all over and the old groom was fine. Conditions had more to do with sun than grooming – some slow and soft, some icy and fast, keeps you on your toes down the slopes! No bare spots. David has his eyes on…[Read more]

  • I skated the GUR and double -poled parts of chickadee and Aspen starting at 11 on Friday morning. It was icy at first and starting to get soft by about 1230 when I finished. Overall, conditions are good, with no bare spots.

  • Thursday March 22, 2019
    The time has come from Pumpkin Creek to say “Thanks again and See You Next Year!”
    Closing down the trails to pull out the bridges this weekend before the creek starts to run.
    Thanks to all for taking such good care of the equipment, the woodstove and the clubhouse!
    A banner year for memberships, trails consistently gro…[Read more]

  • everything groomed today, Bluestem before 10 this morning, saw the groomer at the tower at noon then on Esker at 2:30. very soft and no glide after 1:00

  • I made the first Vs on a freshly groomed Group Use Road early on Thursday morning. Incredible conditions my entire time there — until 10:30 AM.
    All classic tracks that I crossed (Aspen in 5 places, Chickadee in 2 places) were soft and obviously also freshly groomed.

  • yboat posted an update in the group Group logo of SandilandsSandilands 7 months ago

    Skied Green trail mid-afternoon on 19th. Pretty good! Track was mostly well defined and clean. Snow was an expected mixed bag, mostly sqwunchy & slow. Biggest “problem” with the track is deer tracks, needles & debris weren’t a big issue here. Lots of snow, no sign of bare spots.

  • Tuesday morning, -7° to -2°. Bluestem, Chickadee, Aspen, Esker. All tracks are still perfectly formed, but they are generally icy (very fast), with a few sections of ice and a few sections of “almost icy”. There are also occasional sections that have lots of forest debris. Our skin skis worked perfectly. Blue or Violet klister (“Ice Klister”) w…[Read more]

  • Skated BHP and Classic this morning. The skate lane is hard packed with a very thin skiff of fresh snow on it still from the other day. Conditions were pretty quick. Only a few spots where couldnt get an edge to push off… Classic did 2 X bluestem… conditions varied from good kick n glide to ice and double pole, debris is hit and miss as…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 7 months ago

    From David Lumgair on Monday morning:
    Good morning ccski folks,
    Davvid here,

    Looks like minus temperature weather over night for this week.
    Trails will be fast .
    As you know, if it melted the day before, then the glaze of yesterday, on classics, would be very fast.
    And If folks were…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 7 months ago

    From Ardythe McMaster:
    On Monday morning, some of the classic and skate trails, mostly in the vicinity of the Nordic Centre, were renovated and groomed: for classic North Star, Farm Trail, North Star, Blue’s trail and Caleb’s Way, and for skate Skaters Waltz and Oak Meadow. All are in good to very good condition. Snow on these groomed trails is…[Read more]

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