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  • Late Friday morning we skijored the Spruce Trail. With the temperature just above freezing, conditions ranged from very good to icy, depending on sun exposure. There is still a good base, and only a few bare spots along the edge. Hikers and fatbikers have left more prints near the south end of the trail.

  • Thursday night skate – trails holding up surprisingly well. BLACK DIAMOND is washed out – closed. thin spots on far corner of BLUE OVAL and GRAVEYARD LOOP. Green trail holding up well: thin on SHEEP DIP. Friday trails should still be good. Enjoy the last few days!!

  • We skied Aspen this afternoon, after it was groomed – we thought it was great!
    GUR and the bays were all very nicely groomed for skate skiing.
    Had hoped to find more classic trails groomed tomorrow/Friday. Other trails still very ski-able.

  • From Melissa Bergen, A/Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday afternoon:
    Our groomer went out this morning to try the trails and was unsuccessful. We started to groom Aspen and it was ruining the previous groom as there is just not enough snow. We retracted as best we could over that section, and no other grooming was…[Read more]

    • Lime Kiln and Esker were really fast this morning, then at 12:30 I skied Aspen after the groomer and a few skiers had been on it. Aspen was very good, but not as quick (slick) as the ungroomed trails. Spruce trail is ungroomed, but the groomed GUR had a few V’s on it. The sun and +5C this afternoon may end things soon, so get out & enjoy! Many…[Read more]

  • Groomer was out this morning but it was after my ski.

  • Ultra fast trails! We were night skiing last night and with the temp and the really quick trails, we could have stayed out there all night! Riding good skin skis, never a problem with grip on the tracks in any icy conditions! All the grip in the world. Enjoy speedy tracks and get your fill before the weekend for sure. Nice to see a bunch of…[Read more]

  • Night skied in BHP till around 9pm. Conditions are quite amazing even though trails havent been groomed. A mix of double poling and striding with some Rode light purple ( an amazing wax), worked well.. Would have stayed much longer, but food and energy ran out. The clear night before was pitch dark, but it seems when there is some overcast the…[Read more]

  • Just skated tonite, still really good.. little icey in spots, getting wavey on the blue loop as the snow is thinning… grass patches to watch for at pump house, graveyard loop, and a patch of grass on the skate lane along archibald about 50 yard before the 2nd dip… Id start watching for cart path gravel to start poking through shortly…[Read more]

  • Paul R posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 days ago

    Blue Stem this afternoon was fastest it’s been all winter- last snow has melted into tracks and you can ice glide and double pole forever – Summit could use a groom as its getting scary – 90 degree turn in back half of blue stem is fairly crazy too

  • Late Wednesday morning classic trails were super-fast, but still holding up well. Esker hill was so much fun that we did it twice! Many skiers with big smiles – enjoy before the upcoming warm spell…

  • All skate trails freshly scratched and renovated as of 9AM Wednesday. Excellent spring conditions!

  • Skate skied the GUR late Tuesday afternoon and the skate track is near perfect right now! I would only suggest that if you’re moonlight skiing, to watch out for the glazed areas that are only slightly icy. Fast and very fun yesterday! I will definitely be going be going back tonight to classic ski as well as the trails are in awesome condition…[Read more]

  • Tuesday morning, 1° to 2°, sunny.

    Classic — Aspen, Chickadee, west Bluestem: The well-formed tracks were snow, not icy, and the snow was much colder than the air temp.
    Skate — Group Use Road, including the two interior bays: The centre of the road was very firm (and fast), but the snow surface was soft enough to edge in and push off f…[Read more]

  • Trails were groomed and trackset today before things got too soft. Trails are holding up well. As of 4PM today things were getting fast as the temperatures were dropping. Non-operating lights of DOG TOOTH and BLUE OVAL have been repaired.

  • Brian posted an update in the group Group logo of Grand Beach Provincial ParkGrand Beach Provincial Park 3 days, 3 hours ago

    Surprisingly good conditions. I skied 16 km this morning. Saw a few other skiers and one fat biker.

  • WARM WEATHER FORECAST may be hard on the trails this week. There are no plans to close this week, as this could be the last few days of the season at the center (we hope not!). The anticipated freezing each night will help a great deal in keeping the snowcover as long as possible.

  • Floyd Reichel posted an update in the group Group logo of Pumpkin CreekPumpkin Creek 3 days, 22 hours ago

    Had a wonderful ski at Pumpkin Creek Monday on fresh grooming. The snow was cold with great glide and any icy conditions were covered. There were a few areas where grass or dirt is showing so you may not want to bring your best skis although all obstacles were easy to avoid. Looking forward to next year when we can do the always enjoyable…[Read more]

  • Has anybody been out since the recent warm weather? I would like to head out there , but am not interested in killing myself. EZ, you have been out there lately: any news?

    • A facebook report from yesterday showed what looked like a nice image… they said an inch of new snow had fallen, and no bare patches.. not fast conditions.

      • Friends of mine attempted to ski there last Wednesday only to abandon their effort and go elsewhere. A Parks employee told me today that they have not received any snow there since Feb.5.

  • d baniak posted an update in the group Group logo of SandilandsSandilands 4 days, 19 hours ago

    Has anybody been out since the ” big thaw”? I am concerned that the trails have gotten icy and dangerous. Looking forward to some news.

  • Sunday 4 P.M. classic west bluestem was very good thanks to the new snow.No bare spots and very little debris.

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