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    Birds Hill Park, Tuesday afternoon, -10°.
    Skate ski on the Group Use Road and the two internal bays: 5+ cm of snow has fallen on the park since Sunday evening. Manitoba Parks’ Interactive Map says the GUR was last groomed on Friday. Parts of the road were somewhat slow in the loose snow: the two internal bays and west of the Chickadee parking lot in particular. Other parts were partially packed from skiers skijorers, and walkers, so they were somewhat faster. During my 2 hours skiing on the GUR, my distance was 3K or 4K less than I would have expected on new grooming.
    Classic ski on Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln: Very good tracks with some new snow. Lime Kiln was the slowest because only a few people had skied it today before me; nobody had skied in the left set of tracks.
    Kevin & Anita Miller

    • Parks says it was groomed but it wasn’t…I was there Sunday, and it was in the same shape it was the previous weekend.. similar was stated about Spruce Trail for skate as well.. seemed they did some classic on Friday and didnt bother with the skate trails..