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    Birds Hill Park, Thursday afternoon:
    Bluestem, Chickadee, and Esker continue to be very good.
    The Group Use Road has been groomed … fresh corduroy!

    • Further to Kevin’s comment on the GUR. I took my skates skis today. The GUR it is only groomed west of the yellow gates, there is very little snow on the road heading east and more than likely damage your skies. as it was plowed for the construction that took place.

      • Yes, but the late November construction only affected a 500 metre section of the GUR — east of the yellow gates to the site 1A driveway, so isn’t the good grooming a 4.7K horseshoe (5.2K minus 0.5K) plus the two internal “one way” bays?

        • Just the west loop on the road is done, no internal bays, about 3.5 km.

          • Yesterday I personally saw corduroy at the NE corner of the GUR … at the point where it comes to within 10 metres of the Bluestem trail. A few hundred metres south of that point is where the park’s snowmobiles and the Pisten Bully often enter onto the GUR from their home near the stables. Sorry for nit-picking “3.5K”, but if that entire NE section is indeed corduroy, it would be ~4K of the entire 5.2K loop that is groomed.