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    Saturday afternoon, -5° and sunny.
    We skied on Aspen from the Chickadee trailhead to the inbound/outbound Aspen/Bluestem junction (1K from the stables), Bluestem to the tower, the 3.5K skier-tracked Esker loop back to the tower, Chickadee return to Aspen, west Aspen U to the Chickadee trailhead. The skier-made tracks were all very good. Chickadee’s track was not as well skied-in; the track was on one side, and the walkers and snowshoers were on the other side, which is good. Thanks to Chris Fulmyk and others for doing the heavy lifting yesterday, and to the skiers who were out before us today.

    Poling in the areas with really deep loose snow was a challenge.

    I think good skis for these tracks would be wider and softer. All my pairs of classic skis are very narrow and fairly stiff (for me), which didn’t work well because dynamic weight shift to get grip resulted in sinking a bit with each stride. I need another pair of classic skis … soft track skis … old wood skis.