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    Birds Hill Park, Friday morning, -2° to +1° and sunny.

    Classic, at a temp just below freezing: Thanks to Chris (dbaniuk) and the other skiers who set a nice track on west Bluestem on Thursday afternoon. It was fast and crispy at -2°, and generally a perfect depth. I skied it in both directions and saw 4 other skiers. I also skied west Aspen in both directions. Its track wasn’t quite as nice, but it was OK.

    Skate, at a temp near freezing and just above, and after a few hours of sun: The Group Use Road was generally soft (and sticky because the top 5+ cm of snow is new from Wednesday) with numerous shaded sections that were nicely firm and semi-icy. I saw 3 other skiers during my 4 laps. There is enough snow for at least two more weeks of skate skiing, except …

    *** The park has plowed 250 metres of the Group Use Road. ***

    Plowing starts from the “yellow gate” parking lot, goes 50 m north to the GUR loop, then 250 m east, where it seems to abruptly stop, but there’s another yellow gate parallel to the GUR on a minor road at that point that heads into the Group Use camping area. That minor road was also plowed. The net result is that the 5.2K GUR loop is now 4.95K, and of course it’s no longer a loop. The plowing is only one front-end-loader-width wide.

    In 2013 I skate skied on the Group Use Road until April 24. April 18 in 2014, and April 16 in 2018. I’m hoping that 2022 will be my 2nd latest ever.

    If/when you see further plowing, please post.