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    From John Kim on Saturday afternoon:
    14.5 km – bluestem, aspen (partial), chickadee (partial). classic (skins). start noon; wax….doesn’t matter
    don’t put away your skis just yet ! for me likely one of the best skis of the season today. tracks are better if you take aspen (east) from chickadee until it meets up with bluestem.. once on bluestem double tracked all the way back. eastern half more walkers ( i wonder whether they’re intentionally aiming for the tracks !), western half bliss. no bare spots anywhere and the ‘skins’ worked wonderful in this type of snow. chickadee has surrendered to the walkers with barely noticeable tracks. all in all a glorious day….fyi tomorrow sunday is the last ‘official’ day at windsor park nordic. several of the downtown nordikers will be doing a group ski 1 pm ish. feel free to join or at the snacky thing we’re gonna have at the firepit afterwards to toast what a great season this was (is). take care.