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    15 members of Nature Manitoba’s Grey Hares skied Aspen, Chickadee, and west Bluestem on Wednesday from 11:30 to 2:00. We saw the groomer and grooming equipment that Gary saw this morning. The trails we skied were all double tracked by the time we left. With sun from 11:30 to 1:30, melting would have peaked at 1:30. The new tracks were soft and slow, but holding up well.

    • Anything done to the GUR or just classic trails?

      • Skated a couple of laps on GUR until 830PM. Trail is ungroomed and a bit rough but not bad at all. Some sponginess due towarm midday temps but firmed up during evening skate. Best to go in mornings or evenings when temps are below freezing and sun’s rays arent beating down. Just got to watch out for all the brown klister piles left by the irresponsible skijoring crowd. Gawlly , cant they take a scoop with them and get thier dogcrap off the trails, and just huck it off the trail and into the bush?

        • Good to see Im not the only one who feels the same about the brown piles… as a responsible dog owner at least knock it off… dogs don’t do their deal and run at the same time…

          • Hi there,
            As a dog owner, skijorer and kick-sledder I apologize for the irresponsible that don’t pickup after their dogs. But you shouldn’t blame the ‘skijoring crowd’ for that as there are still a lot of walkers on the GUR all winter coming with their dogs. The majority of the skijorers are well educated on that and pick up after their dogs. So, thanks for not putting us all in the same bag !!!