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    Birds Hill Park, Tuesday afternoon, -9°. Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, west Bluestem, west Aspen: perfect conditions.

    We also saw a a wide swath of perfect virgin corduroy, but it wasn’t on the Group Use Road. It started (ended?) at the north end of the stables parking lot and went north through the polo field as far as we could see. Snowmobile trail. The Group Use Road had Monday morning’s ~5cm snowfall over last Tuesday’s grooming. Why does a 100 horsepower machine need perfect corduroy? What about a 1 humanpower skier? Weren’t snowmobiles invented to go where wheeled vehicles couldn’t? (“The challenges of cross-country transportation in the winter led to the invention of the snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed for travel across deep snow where other vehicles foundered.[5]” — Why is a heavy, powerful, noisy, polluting machine allowed in a provincial park anyway? To terrorist wildlife, pollute the air, and destroy peace and quiet?

    • I like your comments Kevin, and it does seem like they give the snowmobile trail a priority over the ski trails. The snowmobile trail in the park is just a cut across trail from hwy 206 to 59 I’m sure the snowmobile clubs would groom it and get paid by snowman. This would allow more time for
      Parks to groom the ski trails.
      It just seems like the ski trails should be maintained much better with the equipment and staff they have, every other ski club in the province takes pride in their trails and does a great job with a snowmobile or a UTV.