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    From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club, on Friday morning:
    The Lac du Bonnet (Agassiz) ski trails were tracked yesterday afternoon. However, Blue and Red were not done. Carl had trouble on them last time. So much drifting since the logging and he hit some stumps with the groomer. So, we won’t be grooming them. If people want to try snowshoeing on those two trails only, they are welcome to do so for the remainder of the season. The parking areas and Pit Road were not plowed yet as of yesterday, late afternoon.

    • Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a great ski at Agassiz. Conditions were very good, despite the fluffy snow that fell all day. The mid-point parking area on Pit Road is still not plowed, so unless you drive a 4WD, I suggest parking in the lot at #317. These beautiful trails are gaining in popularity, as we saw more skiers today than ever before. Thank you Nilssons!