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    From Andy Dwilow on Sunday afternoon:
    Classic skied Grand Beach today. The single classic track was chiselled, firm, and fast – excellent! Terrain and course layout – world class!
    The skate ski lane was, for the most part, soft, rutted, and uneven, with periodic areas of something pink (engine or hydraulic oil?) on it – poor! Interestingly, I noticed the two best stretches of skate lane were on the Boulder Hill climb (leading up from end of Beaver Pond) and the wall climb. These two serious climbs are very sandy and full of rocks, yet were relatively level and firm with no rocks showing. I wonder if the grooming machine was going slower while climbing, resulting in a firmer, more level pack. When cycling there in summer, I also see that many parts of trail are sandy, soft, and concave. Does this pose a grooming problem for the wider area required for a skate lane?
    The great classic track and terrain gave me my best classic ski of the year. Improving the skate lane will complete the hat trick.