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    Birds Hill Park, Friday afternoon, -1°.
    Skate: The new grooming on the Group Use Road is generally very good to excellent. There are a few short sections on the interior bays that are a bit soft, and a number of very short few sections on the edge of the road where dirt was churned up. At one point during my 3 laps, my right ski decelerated rapidly. I didn’t see anything on the track, but that ski now has a long deep scratch.
    Classic — Chickadee and Esker: From the Chickadee parking lot to the tower is only fair, but the rest is generally very good, with the occasional short areas of churned up dirt.
    The trailhead signs that inform park users that groomed ski trails are for cross country skiing only — this sign and this sign — are not yet up, so hopefully the trails don’t get trampled by walkers this weekend.

    • Kevin, are the classic trails groomed as well? Don’t believe you mentioned yet if they are tracked and groomed.

      • Alison’s report on late Thursday afternoon says: “Thursday afternoon we were delighted to see that all BHP classic trails had been groomed. …”