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    From a reliable source on Monday evening at 10:00 PM:
    A snowmobile came in from the west side (Hwy 59) just before the Bluestem cabin. It made some donuts by the cabin and carried on (high speed) cutting corners on Bluestem all the way to the Chickadee parking lot. From there I noticed the tracks heading up towards the tower. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow from trail reports how much damage this clown did. I heard a snowmobile screaming around 8:45 PM. I finished at the Chickadee parking lot at 9:15.
    Pretty frustrating; especially since the tracks are in such perfect condition.

    • Tuesday morning, -8° to -6°:
      Anita & I and some friends classic skied east Bluestem, north Chickadee, Aspen, and parts of south Chickadee … and we also talked to a few people. All trails we skied on were very good, except for one part of Chickadee … see below.
      The snowmobile damage is not as bad as it could have been.
      We were told that west Bluestem from the shelter to the Chickadee parking lot is “not totally ruined”. Outbound Chickadee to the Group Use Road was impacted; we skied on part of it, and it’s not too bad. It appears that the snowmobile then went onto the Group Use Road, probably eastward for 1.5K, then eastward along the park’s snowmobile access trail to disappear off the classic ski trail system.