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    Monday morning, -7° to 0°. We skied all classic trails except Aspen east of Chickadee.
    All tracks are still very well defined. They are icy, except near the trailheads where they are closer to being ice.
    We did 90% double poling. Skin skis worked great for the few short/steeper ascents. There are many instances of Vs cutting across the tracks, but there’s no negative effect because the snow is packed so firmly. Same for walkers’ footprints — little impact. Some of the Vs are because some people decided to skate; some are because people had almost no grip. Ice klister (Blue or Purple) would be a good alternative to skin skis.
    Despite yesterday’s reports of herds of walkers on the Group Use Road, it didn’t look too bad in the places where the classic tracks cross it … again because the snow is packed so firmly. A skate skier who finished at the same time as us (0°) told me that it was very icy when she started, but edging a ski was OK during her last lap. Typical for this time of year, skate skiing on the road will be great from a few degrees below 0° to a few degrees above.

    • Maybe that herd of hacks got off the trail… it was early going after the Chickadee trail entrance, they were heading CCW…