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    From Darryl Hrechkosy:
    Skied Sandilands on February 16. Was pleasantly surprised to find the trails recently tracked. Was one of the first skiers on the virgin tracks on the Red and Orange. Perfectly tracked and set up. Tracks slick and fast with very little debris. What a pleasure! There were some brief icy spots on the east Red Loop, but very manageable. Skied the Green and Black Trails next, finding them more used and worn but very decent and defined. Some debris as was expected from previous strong winds. The scenic Black Trail is a wonder to behold, a photographers’ joy and a painter’s canvas. The trail is amazing to see after being burnt and devastated 12 years ago. Predominately now coniferous trees towering 10 feet and higher shelter this most scenic trail and to some degree I find it better than prior to the fire. The ominous burnt trees still standing remind us of the past of what we lost, but the new reminds of us what we gained, to value and to cherish! The Green trail had more debris on it owing to the fact it has more deciduous growth and their leaves contributing to that. Aside from that the trails were not blown in, decent shape and reasonably fast. As others have mentioned before beware of some ice flow patches especially I believe on the Grey and take due caution! Ski hardy and may the force be with you