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    Early Saturday morning, -6° to -12°.
    All trails were groomed yesterday, but the strong wind had blown some snow into classic tracks in a few places, and the corduroy on the Group Use Road was only semi-defined in some places. Worse was the amount of tree debris that had come down, especially on the skate track, which affected glide in many places.
    My Vs were the first on the Group Use Road, but I wasn’t the first one on it. Two sets of footprints pulling two sleds were visible from just west of Chickadee to just past where the road turns north.
    The wind was moderate when we started skiing, but as the temp dropped the wind strength increased, and there was even a white-out for 10 minutes. When we left at 9:40, it was snowing lightly.

    • Hmmm thanks for the report…. was gonna head out, but now thinking I’ll just go check out Windsor since its 2km away vs 35km away…

    • Clarification of “tree debris … affected glide in many places”:
      15 KPH glide was slowing to 11/12 KPH glide on maybe 20% of the skate track. Perhaps I should have said “some places”.
      A bigger factor is that it was -6° at 7:30 AM, but -12° with a thin layer of fresh snow on top at 9:30 AM.

      • By the time I was ready to go the wind was starting to pick up and the temp dropping more.. decided to ride 100km on the trainer instead… :/