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    In addition to what we can read on this page about defiant walkers on the ski trails at Birds Hill Park, CCSAM has received email from skiers that further describes camping in the Bluestem warm-up shelter by the people pulling the sled. I’ve forwarded it to Joanne Podolchuk, Birds Hill Park’s District Park Manager, and Manitoba Parks. Thank you for helping to protect the ski trails.

    Joanne reads the trail reports on this page, but please also report inappropriate activity to the Park Patrol (204-792-1849) and to her (via her contact info near the top of this page).

    We (the skiing community) are fortunate that staff at Birds Hill Park are very committed to creating and maintaining a trail system and good environment for cross country skiing in the park.

    Kevin Miller
    Recreational Skiing, CCSAM Board of Directors

    • Im not going to gripe about walkers anymore. Its obviously going to happen no matter what. Saturday was a fine day, and few skiers out, as far as I could see. Others are viewing skiers as a special privileged group, whether rightly or wrongly.
      The old rule ,”use it or lose it” comes to mind if the trails are seen as usually vacant by non skiers, The 3 guys pulling the sleds were definitely in the wrong, but it was a beautiful evening , and once I thought about it , I can hardly blame them for wanting to be outside in the park. I don’t know what the solutions are, maybe build or redesignate some more trails for walking. Since East chickadee and Bluestem run parallel to each other all the way to the stables from Chickadee, maybe changing this redundant portion to walking trail would alleviate some of the antagonism between skiers and others.