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    From Ardythe McMaster on Sunday:

    The snow everywhere here is very fast but not icy. Trail conditions currently are good on the east side classic section of the trails, which are the flatter, easier trails. There is full snow coverage of these trails with just occasional sticks or leaves showing. Not all the hills have been groomed (e.g. Red Hill, Blue Jay etc have not). The western, more challenging classic tracks have more leaves and sticks showing in places, and the tracks are more bumpy and wiggly which makes the downhills extra challenging. The Oak Meadow and Skaters Waltz skate trails are in good condition, but the more advanced skate trails are bumpier and not well levelled yet; skiable but better for advanced skiers.

    So, conditions are not optimal but definitely skiable and better than not skiing. I would rate the east side classic trails as 6 out of 10, and the easier skate trails as 7 out of 10, and recommend them for skiing. If we get snow, conditions will definitely improve.