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    Birds Hill Park, Thursday morning, -13°.
    The Group Use Road was packed on Monday by snowmobile. Apparently, it wasn’t pulling a drag or roller. It’s too bad the park didn’t keep the implement they pulled behind a snowmobile 8+ years ago, prior to them buying the Piston Bully. So the surface firmness ranges from nice to soft, and there are many ridges (but they are soft ridges). There are also quite a few footprints, including those of the two dog walkers who shared the road with me … except they decided that their share was towards the side of the road that had a fairly good skier-set classic track. Skate skiing was actually good to very good.
    The fairly good skier-set classic track on the Group Use Road had a missing 1.5K long piece between east Aspen and north Chickadee. A vehicle (the park’s?) rode over it very recently. The north half of Chickadee and the west half of Bluestem are also snowmobile packed (as is the entire classic trail system, apparently), with a very shallow skier-set track in the middle and a deeper skier-set track on the side, right against bush … long grass is poking through. Aspen may have a slightly better skier-set track.
    Kevin & Anita Miller

    • Friday afternnon on the GUR was a very decent skate. Its slowly getting firmer and packed down by more skiers. It should be very good skiing for the weekend even with the warmer temps predicted . There is enough snow there ,and the suns rays are too low anyway to deteriorate the snowpack. .