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    Birds Hill Park, Saturday morning, -5° to +2°, cloudy.
    Skate skiing on the Group Use Road, including the two interior add-on sections (which I had actually written-off two weeks ago).
    It was badly rutted down the middle and there were lots of footprints (including a herd of animals), but an icy crust along the sides created very fast skiing and just enough softness to edge-in and push-off hard. As always, the track started to slow down slghtly as the temp rose above freezing, but it was still quite fast at +2° when I finished, and the ruts down the middle had softened, so they were no longer a hazard.
    I used the two interior add-on sections extensively because they were much smoother (no ruts) than the 5.2K main loop (the road). The NE add-on was almost perfect. The SW one has one two-metre-long section on gravel that is only a metre wide patch of rough ice. I wouldn`t cross it with skis that have perfect bases.
    You`d think that today`s forecast of a +8° afternoon high temp and 5 to 10 mm of rain tonight would completely destroy the remaining snow on the Group Use Road, but I`m not so sure.