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    Thursday morning and early afternoon.
    The Group Use Road still has full snow coverage and should still be skate skiable until next week. It`s also still more-or-less flat; the edge lanes are rippled from melting in many places, but it’s not really a big deal. More footprints, but it’s still not a major issue — we’ll see what happens this weekend. The two new-for-2017 interior sections are in poor condition.
    I saw three other skate skiers while I was on it.
    It’s very tempting to return once more … on Monday … April 1 … which would be skiing month #6.
    All classic tracks that I crossed (Aspen in 5 places, Chickadee in 4 places) appeared to be very rough, but probably skiable.

    • If the weather network is correct (I know, insert alot of laughter) they are actually calling for snow on Saturday night, and 5cm of snow on Apr 1…