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    Birds Hill Park, Sunday afternoon, -5° to -3°, sunny.
    Bluestem, north Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, Aspen.
    The tracks were “solid icy” when we started at 1:00 and “soft icy” by the time we finished at 3:30.
    Almost totally still clean — a few short areas of debris and a handful of places where dirt was showing.
    Most of the track is still fairly well-formed … some washed-out sections, some deep ski-width sections.
    Skin skis worked very well for grip.
    It was definitely worth it to ski today.
    BTW: The skate track on the Group Use Road appeared to be perfectly flat and free from footprints at the few places where the classic tracks cross it.

    • The track is flat, some light ripply feel on the outer edges… mostly animal tracks on there from skijoring, didn’t see any human footprints…the middle portion from people skiing yesterday didn’t melt so the “v” was frozen in places in the shade… definately fast.. if you have good balance you could really let it rip in there for sure…