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    15 members of the Charleswood Ski Club classic skied Grand Beach on Saturday. -6° to -9°. Slightly transformed snow from Thursday’s melt. We had good grip with a -3° to -7° old snow wax.

    The tracks are well-formed throughout the trail system, but snow coverage is very thin in many places. There are dozens of short sections where the track is dark — grass, leaves, mud, and (ouch) sand/gravel. We have a few fairly minor new scratches in our bases. Rock skis might be a good idea. Skis with perfect bases are not a good idea.

    The skate track appeared to be fairly well-packed and fairly level. The usual problem places on the SE section of the Beaver Pond appeared to be the worst, but still not too bad. The skate track also suffers from the thin snow coverage — grass/leaves/mud/sand churned up in many places.

    The Beaver Pond loop is good for the first 500m (to the warm-up shelter / creek) and the last 500m (from the creek). The 2 to 3K between the creek crossings is horrible, so we didn’t ski it.

    During our 4 hours skiing, we saw maybe another 15 other skiers … and three small groups of fatbikers whose singletrack trail system is quite impressive.

    Despite the marginal snow, we had an excellent day skiing with our club groups.

    Kevin & Anita Miller