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    14 Charleswood Ski Club members skied at Grand Beach on Saturday, -6°.
    As HBock reported earlier, the classic tracks are in very good condition.
    The skate track is generally moderately firm and fairly level. The exception is the far eastern segment of the Beaver Pond trail; it is very soft in the middle of the track, as usual. There are still quite a few places of churned up dirt/gravel at the surface. My skating skis — not my best ones — acquired a few more minor scratches.
    The Beaver Pond loop from the bottom of the S descent to the warm-up shelter is very good. Apparently, the most northern part of the loop (that runs east-west) is horrible.
    The really important thing is that ***no melting*** occured at Grand Beach on either Wednesday or Friday, so the snow is still soft non-transformed snow!