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    From Duck Lake Ski Club on Saturday noon:
    We were out testing the new groomer. Not all trails were done and not all trails done are skiable. Duck lake trail was done but is much too wet to use. The corner at the the bottom of Sunshine is also wet but passable, from there go up the Bear to the Chalet, back down the Bear from Chalet thru the bush…[Read more]

  • From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club on Saturday morning:
    The Skandic was put away for the season, so trails will not be groomed. However, I cannot resist trying to go out and plow my own trail today. Dug my skis out of the closet. Someone figured us skiers needed a covid break! Hope everyone is healthy.

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Friday morning:
    There has been a few inquiries about grooming with the recent snowfall. The District will not be grooming at this time, equipment is down for post season maintenance. The Park remains open, the ski community can continue to ski, please continue to practise…[Read more]

  • Sunday morning 7:15 to 10:00, -2° to 0°, sunny.
    The Group Use Road has a gazillion footprints. It was icy the entire time I was skiing on it. You just adapt after awhile.
    The snow is still contiguous, although one very short section on the SW internal bay will be completely bare (impassible) by the end of today. Other than that, it should still b…[Read more]

  • Friday morning 7:15 to 9:30, -1° to +1°. Fortunately, clouds didn’t fully clear until 9:30.
    Classic: Bluestem and Aspen are still fairly good. Icy-fast, but “soft-icy” at this temperature. There are a few places where the track has melted away, but it was a minor inconvenience. Very enjoyable ski.
    Skate: The Group Use Road was very good. Like c…[Read more]

  • Classic trails (Esker, Lime Kiln, Chickadee, Aspen), Wednesday 11:15 to 1:30, -5° to -3° and bright sun.
    All classic tracks are still fairly well-defined, but they are widening. I encountered two bare spots of less than 1 metre long and only one track wide — on Lime Kiln and on Aspen. For the first hour, the tracks were ice/icy and of course e…[Read more]

  • Monday morning, -7° to 0°. We skied all classic trails except Aspen east of Chickadee.
    All tracks are still very well defined. They are icy, except near the trailheads where they are closer to being ice.
    We did 90% double poling. Skin skis worked great for the few short/steeper ascents. There are many instances of Vs cutting across the tracks, b…[Read more]

    • Maybe that herd of hacks got off the trail… it was early going after the Chickadee trail entrance, they were heading CCW…

  • From Karen Nilsson, President of the Lac du Bonnet Cross Country Ski Club on Sunday morning:
    Skied yesterday, trails were still quite good. Best place to be right now! Trails have not been groomed, not necessary, and likely wouldn’t do much. Hopefully, cool weather will continue.

  • From Clarke Wilkie on Saturday evening:
    Hilton trail was great – small amount of debris, mostly spruce needles, and a few icy patches under spruce trees, but firm sidewalls and base this morning. No bald patches and the creek still frozen. I am not sure if others are up this way but as of today it was a great ski with fantastic glide in but still…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill Park, all classic trails, Friday late morning to early afternoon, -14° to -9°, sunny, calm: A+.
    Some of tracks have started to become a bit glazed, so consider using a grip wax that is one can warmer than the temperature.

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    From David Lumgair on Thursday afternoon:
    Greetings CCSki enthusiasts,

    Skate Trails are all groomed, Mar 18, and are real good.
    For your sight delight and requiring your caution, both Orange and Green Skate, NE Corner has Ice Flow…[Read more]

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday afternoon:
    Ski trails have been groomed/track set today. Given the conditions, things turned out well.

    • Classic tracks and the group use road were in very good to excellent condition. However, almost immediately, there were boot prints on the perfectly groomed blue stem, chickadee and aspen trails, with some prints right in the tracks. I encountered 3 hikers on the bluestem and was told that they had looked online and found that particular trail…[Read more]

  • Tuesday afternoon, skate track, -4C:
    Overall good.
    Some areas have packed new snow (Sunday evening’s snowfall), some areas have icy snow (Monday’s wind blowing away Sunday evening’s snowfall), and some areas have drifting (Monday’s wind blowing in Sunday evening’s snowfall).

  • From Al Stewart on Tuesday evening:
    I skied Esker and Lime Kiln today at about 4pm and found the conditions to be very good. No ice, firm tracks and little debris. The recent fresh snow seems to have rejuvenated the trails. A very enjoyable ski using Rode Multi Violet kicker. Some other folks had Swix Blue and had good skis as well.

  • Monday afternoon, -7°, sunny.
    Bluestem, north Chickadee, Aspen. The overnight snow (3+ cm) has further refreshed the tracks. As of mid afternoon, they had been nicely skied-in. Great tracks with beautiful soft cold snow.
    On the other hand, after briefly checking the Group Use Road, I think a re-grooming would mix the loose new snow on top with…[Read more]

    • Theres more snow forecast for Tuesday night and all day Wed and wed night… I really hope they get out there and groom it… it will survive another few weeks for sure.. just gotta keep all the hack hikers off the GUR.. they are ultimately the ones that end it…

    • Monday 9PM- I found the classic tracks rather disappointing. No confident kick, and some railroading and wobbly. Hope they groom them soon.
      I switched and enjoyed the skate ski more. The green glider worked well. Very sharp snow crystals haven’t turned into zillions of tiny ball bearings yet. Need more skate skiers to pack it down to make it…[Read more]

  • Saturday late aftenoon, -9°.
    L Hanson’s report from yesterday convinced me to grab my stiffest (most stable) skating skis and head to the Group Use Road.
    I had a long great skate ski. It’s icy-lumpy underneath the 2 cm of new snow from Thursday night, but the new snow has greatly enhanced the track, especially now that most of it has been skied…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    From David Lumgair on Friday evening:
    Ho ho lets go! Shannondale!
    My groomer guy says Blue Classic Trail set up quite nice, near full shape is set mostly beside old Classic.beside old tracks. .
    Wax for abrasive snow, Klister or such.
    Most Parts of the Skate Trails can be skied as well .
    The exceptions are The Hump and Tempest Ridge.
    The North…[Read more]

  • From Gord Buhr:
    Thursday evening.

    Tracks were in generally good condition. Blown out at the typical spots, corners and berms. Mix of ice and snow.
    Some grassy spots on the Basswood.

    On the drop from Basswood to the river there was some surface water. I don’t think this is the ice breaking up, just some melting on top. I felt totally safe…[Read more]

  • From my friend on Monday evening:
    We did the Bluestem trail today with green wax (-4 to -10). There was about 1 to 1.5 cm of new snow Sunday night which covered the ice and pine cones quite well. I did not find it too icy, and not much debris sticking to my skis either. Only the Chickadee hill was a little icy but still quite skiable.

  • A friend wrote on Monday morning:
    I skied the Green and Blue trails yesterday, and they were actually quite good. We didn’t get a lot of snow last Wednesday in Lac du Bonnet, so it just took people skiing to “groom” them. We had a tiny bit of snow last night. Trails should be wonderful at these temps. I hope to get out again myself today.…[Read more]

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