John Wick

  • Skied everything, was nice to get out but it was too warm and slow. Tracks still have some bare spots. This week’s forecasted snow should resolve all issues.

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    Do we have enough snow to open now?

    • Opening day is tomorrow John, but if you want to get out there already, the blue route is all groomed well for skate!

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    Time to start doing nightly snow dances; let’s get this season started!

  • I echo Kevin’s comments about ski width; they definitely would have an advantage with wider skis. However, we still conquered Blue Stem and had a great workout. The trail was a mix of soft, crunchy snow to crunchy ice with perfect spots occasionally and some boot drag on the high walls with marshmallow snow polling. The conditions are excellent to…[Read more]

  • I’d call tonight the 7-11 scat ski, as it was like skiing in a Slurpee with animal poop all over. The trail was incredibly soft, and the black diamond areas were underwater. I’m assuming they’ll be putting up signs tomorrow about that. Somewhat firm areas were relatively fast, and the Toko green binder trick worked quite well. Hopefully, with the…[Read more]

  • I don’t know want happened tonight, but I felt like I was skiing on styrofoam, couldn’t get any glide. The trails looked nicely groomed with solid tracks. Managed to ski walk/run six kilometers still.

  • Skied from 7-10pm, and almost didn’t get a parking spot, it was a full house tonight. As Kevin reports, classic was fast, icy in spots to the point I re-applied kick wax on the trail. Skating in certain places was fast, others slow. Counted about eight white tail deer, they looked fat and happy.

  • Did a night ski tonight of the Lime Kiln trail, conditions were most excellent, a perfect night.

  • I went late last night, did 10km, and had a good time. Snow conditions were mixed, a lot of ice, and after today’s heat, I’d probably wait until another good dump falls. There were a few questionable areas with some ground starting to show. Was quite surprised to see so many deer on the trail, it made me hungry.

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    I did a six km lap yesterday. It was an absolute disaster zone with multiple trees down over the trail with tons of debris on the trail. The occasional rock was poking out, and often there were no discernable tracks. It’s going to take a lot of chainsaws and muscle to clear everything, then require at least six inches of fresh new snow to cover up…[Read more]