Jamie Paterson

  • Lime Kiln early Monday afternoon – double tracks were wide and a bit sloppy with all the recent skiers that had been on it. Despite the lack of grooming, we had good glide and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Once again those cursed snowmobilers had crossed the trail in several places.

  • Tough slog through Lime Kiln this morning – thanks to the person who broke trail, my wife and I did our best to add to your trail-really miss that groomer right now

  • I was on Chickadee around 1:30 Saturday afternoon heading towards the tower from the trailhead. People had walked in the tracks in that whole section. It was snowing and blowing but the tracks were fresh, so I was prepared for a confrontation. Sure enough, just as I was nearing the GUR, 2 people were returning from the tower, walking right in…[Read more]

  • So I hit the trails March 12 at noon. An attempt at grooming the right track on Aspen using a single track apparatus was mostly successful, however it obliterated the left track : a mixed result as the skier packed tracks were superior elsewhere in the park i.e. Chickadee, Esker, and from other skier’s reports Bluestem.
    There were some blown in…[Read more]

    • We went on the Aspen Sun. at 9:30 based on your report. It was great! The snow was soft and velvety under our skis as we followed the tracks made by Mystery Groomer. -15 with sun shining and everyone smiling. Glide was good as well.
      Perfect conditions for a midMarch Sunday Ski !

  • As many of us know, Birds Hill Park’s Pisten Bully has been “broken” since grooming the Group Use Road on March 2. Today, CCSAM and the Windsor Park Nordic Centre reached out to the park and asked if we can help. We were told they are in the process of having grooming equipment in operation by Monday. With as much as 5 cm of snow forecast for…[Read more]

  • Skate skied the GUR this afternoon. No grooming still. Boooo. Howling winds, and powder were the conditions to contend with. Still, not a bad ski to be honest. It was still moderately fast zipping through some of that fluffy new snow. The classic trails that I passed all looked like they were in really good condition! Way to go skiers!

  • The following posts appeared on the A Cross Country Ski Club Facebook group on Monday:

    “With the warmer weather, we have run into hikers (even snowshoers) on the trails every time in the last week.
    Stopped by the park office to get an update on the groomer. They got the new part, installed it and the groomer broke again. They are re-evaluating…[Read more]

    • 3 weeks + still to ski, and the trails are already done for… Didn’t BHP actually have a skier enforcement? I thought I heard something about that… I can’t see it being useful when said hackers..er hikers think they own the ski trails…

      • They are walkers, not hikers.
        In general, hikers invest in quality packs/boots/poles and yearn for 2 weeks in BC, the Rockies, the north shore of Lake Superior, and many other hiking destinations. In Manitoba in winter they ski, snowshoe, and hike on hiking trails. It’s walkers who walk on ski trails.

  • Skated BHP Group Use Road, all good.. track is firm up the middle from use which is expected, still some corduroy along the edges.. fairly quiet in in there at 330 today.. 2 people walking there dog up the side of the road on the corduroy..I just can’t be bothered saying anything anymore…its pointless…

    • Classic trails were very fast after dusk, even though they havent been groomed.
      Doesnt anyone ski at night any more? 🙁 Place was deserted after dusk.
      Hut was nice and toasty. Plenty of wood left.

      • We will be out there after dusk next weekend for a ski and a bonfire on Lime Kiln if you want to join us Bert! I agree with you, dusk skiing can be amazing!

  • We had a great run on Esker this a.m. The tracks have held up very well since last week’s grooming and they are very quick! Go now if you can get there before it snows.
    The GUR has been groomed since Wednesday.

  • From Melissa Bergen, Birds Hill Provincial Park’s Operations Supervisor, on Wednesday morning:
    Our groomer broke down this morning on the way out to groom our ski trails. We are working to get it repaired as soon as possible, but at this time we aren’t sure when that will be. I will give you an update as soon as we know more.

  • Birds Hill Park, Tuesday afternoon, -9°. Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, west Bluestem, west Aspen: perfect conditions.

    We also saw a a wide swath of perfect virgin corduroy, but it wasn’t on the Group Use Road. It started (ended?) at the north end of the stables parking lot and went north through the polo field as far as we could see. Snowmobile…[Read more]

    • I like your comments Kevin, and it does seem like they give the snowmobile trail a priority over the ski trails. The snowmobile trail in the park is just a cut across trail from hwy 206 to 59 I’m sure the snowmobile clubs would groom it and get paid by snowman. This would allow more time for
      Parks to groom the ski trails.
      It just seems like the s…[Read more]

  • Skied Esker and Kiln last night. Trails were skier set only with the new snow, but there seemed to have been a lot of skiing done on them, so they were in pretty good shape, and decently fast. was a good ski! Days are getting longer 🙂

  • Hi, my family and I went skiing on Chickadee this past Saturday, and I accidentally left my little ones xc skis at the parking lot entrance to Chickadee. They are black and yellow Fischer xc skis for a 4 year old. If anyone picked them up, please let me know at 204-295-9409. Thanks!

    • Thank you to everyone who contacted me about the found skis posted on the Facebook site! They were ours 😊

  • Skate at BHP is excellent.. still some corduroy left on the edges.. center was firm with the a small dusting of snow.. and yes… there was hacker err hiker marks down the skate lane…

  • d baniak posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    So, I had moderate case of cabin fever, coupled with the frustration of looking out my living room window at the best snow in about 15-20 years,and seeing temperature readings in the frozen appendages range. Today Feb 23 promised a relatively “mild” high of -22C,so I ventured out to the park at 1pm in the heat of the day.
    Trails in perfect…[Read more]

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    -22 , no wind , sun is shining and freshly groomed trails. Thanks BHP. It should be a great week of skiing with no blizzards in the forecast.

  • Blizzard beaters take note. As of 10:30 Esker tracks were not blown in at all since yesterday’s grooming and Chickadee only a little more so in open areas. Big thank you to BHP for grooming the trails twice this week despite forecasts of snow soon to follow.

  • A post on the A Cross Country Ski Club Facebook group says:
    “Birds Hill Park has been groomed as of this morning, Friday, conditions are awesome.”

    • At 5:30pm (Friday), the park’s interactive trail map indicates that classic and skate trails were last groomed on February 15th….not sure what’s correct. Today’s high winds and new snow may have affected conditions – be prepared everyone!

      • A number of members of A Cross Country Ski Club have been commenting on this (verifying it). It almost sounds like the grooming actually occurred on Thursday late day.

  • Birds Hill Park, early Wednesday morning, -15° and windy, Aspen/Chickadee/Esker/Bluestem:
    ~5cm of fluffy new snow over yestrerday’s grooming. Well-defined tracks except in areas prone to blow-in.
    The new snow was partly skied-in, but glide was poor.
    Kevin & Anita Miller

  • Hit the trails Feb 15 at noon. Spoke to a skier just coming off the trails who stated that it appeared that the trails had been groomed and that this morning’s snow had partly filled in the track: they were right. Luckily 3 skiers departed before me on the Esker trail and packed down the track. Continuing snow accumulated in the track, so I was…[Read more]

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