Jamie Paterson

  • First time posting, so I hope it works.
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, I was skiing back Aspen to Chickadee, about 2:00 PM when I came across a group of indigenous people, about eight, walking on the ski trails. One was waving a stick with feathers attached, I asked them had they not seen the sign about walking on ski trails, and that…[Read more]

  • From Syd Jones, Birds Hill Park’s Park Operations Supervisor, on Tuesday afternoon:
    Just wanted to let everyone know that all the trails in Bird Hill Park have been groomed over the past 2 days. Come out and enjoy

  • We skied Bluestem, Chickadee, esker and Lime Kiln this morning. Both Chickadee and Bluestem are freshly groomed and nice and fast. Although Esker and Lime Kiln are in good condition they sure could use a fresh grooming. The wind was not much of a factor. Overall, a great day.

  • So, I arrived at the stables parking lot around noon Mar13, and skied Asp around the loop, Chick to the lookout, Esk hill, Chick loop , and via Esk, the Kiln loop back to the lot.
    The Esk and Kiln have Not been freshly groomed: these trails (groomed Mar10) have had the 1-2 inches of Mar 11 snow skied in and are in magnificent shape with, in my…[Read more]

  • Mon. 2:30 -4c Everything was freshly groomed today! West Bluestem was excellent.Weather was stellar.

  • Sun. 6 p.m. -4c. west Bluestem was good.New snow was well worked in.Maybe 2-3 cm, but it did cover up debris.When I finished up at Chickadee lot a huge group of walkers came off the trail.(2-3 dozen)Also a person feeding the deer.

    • thanks for the update. Wow, can these people even read signs? So much for signs. Park signs everywhere. Must be spring breakers. Our education system is a fail.

  • The GUR was freshly groomed today, including the road that bisects it. There is no trace of the hydraulic leak from last week. Conditions are excellent.

  • Birds Hill Park, Wednesday mid-day, -10° to -8°, sunny.
    Excellent skate skiing on the Spruce trail.
    There is no change to the grooming on the classic trails. All are good to very good.
    Kevin & Anita Miller

  • Mon. 1500 hrs. -12c. West Bluestem continues to be very good.Has held up well considering the warmer temps.lately.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    From Kathleen Brown, Birds Hill Park’s Park Manager, on Friday afternoon:
    The Spruce trail and Group Use Road have been groomed. We did have a hydraulic hose break on the groomer while grooming this week. Therefore, on the Group Use Road there are some rough patches where we had to get equipment in to get the groomer, as well as clean up the f…[Read more]

  • Sat. 09:00 -9c West Bluestem was excellent along with glorious weather.

  • Brent posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Spotted a front end loader on the group use road near by the Chickadee return and a dump truck parked by the group use gate. Just tire tracks, but clearly some maintenance somewhere going somewhere.

    • I think this may have been the cleanup of the Pisten Bully breakdown on Thursday. The trail of red liquid on the Group Use Road near the Chickadee crossings just south of the tower suggests the breakdown occurred in that area. On Friday afternoon, the red liquid was still there, and the north-south middle road of the Group Use Road was deeply…[Read more]

  • Fri. 08:20 -9c West Bluestem was very good.I have been removing some debris and most of the cones from the outer track.No new grooming as of 09:35.How about we all pitch in and remove a bit of debris.

  • Gord Buhr posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Skiid bluestem and chickadee today. Trail is nice and fast but leaves are starting to be a problem, grabbing your grip wax.

    Crossed the group use road on the chickadee return and saw that it had been groomed but there was a trail and splatter pattern of red liquid.

    Couldn’t tell if it was transmission fluid or hydraulic but it went as far as I…[Read more]

    • Gord, thanks for the update. My guess is that [whatever part] failed during last week’s grooming, they fixed it, and this was its first post-fix use … that ended in failure again.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Birds Hill Park, Tuesday afternoon, -8° & sunny:
    Classic: Previous reports from d baniuk and Gary Wickens accurately describe conditions.
    Skate: The 5+ cm snowfall from the Louis Riel long weekend has been skied-in on the middle-inside of the road’s width. Adjacent to that, it’s usually semi-skied-in. The outside edge of the road is either…[Read more]

    • I would just like to add that Spruce has not been groomed for weeks. With about 2″ of loose snow, skate skiing is not ideal.

  • d baniak posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    So, me and my “woodies” hit the park around noon Feb 28 at the stables parking lot. Did Asp l around its west loop, Chick to tower, Chick loop and Esk back to the stables. Blustm and Chick are only tracked trails. I hope this does not mean that the Bully is broke again. Anyway the tracked trails are in good shape, and the skier packed trails(…[Read more]

  • I was out at BHP Sat. p.m. Chickadee and Blue Stem have been groomed over the last few days and are in great shape. Thanks BHP!
    The other trails have been skier tracked only since last weekend’s snowfall.

  • Mon. 09:30 -17 c. 5 plus cm of new snow.Did west Bluestem and has had a few skiers go down it.Glide was fair and you will get a great workout overcoming the added friction.Lot was filling up at Chickadee as of 11:00.

  • Friday afternoon we skijored the north half of Spruce. Seemed like it had been recently groomed, and was in really nice condition. There’s some tree litter, but the trail was hard-packed with good edge.

  • Fri. a.m. -12 c. West Bluestem had good glide and kick.May have been groomed since Mon..Should be faster in p.m. with increased temp.and traffic.

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