Ian Garcia

  • Ski conditions at 7PM today were great. -4C, no wind. The tracks were fast. Chickadee and Esker were in great conditions. Well groomed. There were many night skiers taking advantage of the great weather.

  • Tonight the ski was fabulous. I went at 8:30PM. It was -25 therefore it was like skiing on sand, but yet a great ski. I did Chickadee and Esker. The tracks looked like they were freshly groomed. They were great. Tomorrow it is going to warm up. Tracks will be fast! Hopefully many of you can make it!

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    Ok, I can answer my previous question. I went skiing today and it is not groomed. I did chickadee and I guess a few of us managed to brake a trail. It should be ok to ski on tomorrow . It looked like nobody skied esker. Lets hope for some grooming soon!

  • Hello! Anybody knows how the conditions are today after the snowfall of the last couple of days? Did they groom the trails? (too bad the nice work that was done last week is probably all covered up with snow!)

  • Skied Chickadee and Esker today at 3:30PM. Both are well groomed. Esker might have been done late in the day or not many people came out because one of the tracks had no pole marks and the other looked like probably a couple of people used it. Great ski!

  • Hello fellow skiers! Happy New Year! I went skiing at 4:30PM yesterday. Started from Chickadee parking. There were 7 cars. I confirm that Chickadee is groomed and in great shape. Cold temp doesn’t allow for great sliding, but trucks are nice and firm. I went to Esker (was not groomed yet) and there was a huge difference. Since it is not…[Read more]

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    Went to ski last night. Lots of fresh snow. Tracks were very soft and skis were sinking. I have performance skis that are quite narrow. I think the tracks are ready for grooming. If they have a chance to groom them today, we will have awesome skiing in the afternoon.

    • We did Esker Tuesday mid-morning and it was the way you described it still. Will be awesome once groomed but it was still snowing.

  • I just came back from BHP. I started skiing on chickadee from the parking lot to the tower and then I took esker to the horses barn and then esker to the tower and then chickadee to the parking lot. I started at 8PM. The fist part of chickadee had some patches without snow. Then, on Esker close to the Barn there were also some patches without…[Read more]