Harvey Peltz

  • The City of Winnipeg Forestry Branch expects to be working on removal of Dutch Elm Diseased trees on the Wildewood Golf Course for the next couple of weeks. They will try to avoid ski tracks.

  • A lovely ski this afternoon, the trees decorated in snow. I would add that the group use road has been packed (looks like snowmobile tracks) but is likely too lumpy for skate ski. Everyone I chatted with was happy to be out on the trails, groomed or not.

  • Thanks to everyone for a great season, especially those who made a donation to support the trails. Shout out to Dave Taylor for help with signage. Thanks to Laurie Penton and the crew for great grooming. The Urban Forestry Branch (City of Winnipeg) were very cooperative and communicative as we tried to mesh tracking and Dutch Elm Disease tree…[Read more]

  • The City of Winnipeg Forestry Branch has indicated they will be working to remove DED trees on the Wildwood Trails. They expect to be active starting today or tomorrow for about a week. Ploughing is typically done to allow vehicles in. When complete we will try to rehabilitate the tracks as best we can to, hopefully, be able to enjoy some…[Read more]

  • Wildwood trails were groomed yesterday. Today’s ski featured fresh snow, classic tracks skied in and milder temperatures. Skate was soft with a good vase for pole plant. Thanks to Laurie and the crew.

  • Yesterday’s ski on the skate track was very good with a firm base and ability to set an edge. The classic tracks were a bit more icy and, of course, would benefit from more snow. The City of Winnipeg Forestry Branch started some DED tree removal in a corner of the soccer pitch at the school.

  • The Wildwood Trails are in good shape for classic skiing with new snow in the hard tracks. Several skate skiers firmed down the snow on the deck so it hopefully won’t blow away in the forecasted winds this afternoon. Enjoy!

  • I just returned from a skate ski around the Wildewood Golf course and the loop to SJR. Slow but easy to set an edge. Classic tracks are almost all skied in. Enjoy before the melt. H

  • Wildwood trails were groomed yesterday, I believe.