Harvey Zahn

  • 5-8:30pm Friday . Excellent conditions ,even quicker after dusk. Thin layer of Silver-red Swix-1+1 corked to transparency provided good kick and was durable.

  • Classic trails were all groomed by 3:00 and were fast – they should set up nicely for the weekend. Sadly, there are a few areas beneath large evergreens with thin snow and grass showing through….wish we had more snow!

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday morning:
    Ski Trails will be groomed/track set on Friday, February 21.

    • As of 5:00 Thursday, Esker and Lime Kiln had been freshly groomed and were in pristine condition with very good glide. Aspen and Chickadee were ungroomed with lots of debris in the tracks. Glide was excellent despite the debris.

      • Yes, Anita was pleased to see Esker freshly groomed when she got to the tower from the Chickadee parking lot. We skied at BHP today knowing the grooming was 6 days old, but suspecting that the classic tracks and the Group Use Road would still be in great condition, which they were. We didn’t think the tree debris was much of a factor.

  • 4pm-7pm. Trails were good. Blue wax worked very well , and trails got faster after the sun went down. Some debris in places, but mostly worked in by skiers, so not a real problem. By 7PM trails were very fast and even the faded blue wax after 2 hoursof use still gave very good kick. Very tempting to stay out when conditions get so good.…[Read more]

  • Skied bluestem onto esker onto chickadee onto bluestem. Trails were in good condition and the debris was no worse than it’s been most of the winter. The parking lot was full and of course that means a few entitled twits who read the sign and decided it doesn’t apply to them.

  • Saturday morning, -10°, 1+cm new snow.
    All classic trails are very good to excellent. The new snow has covered most of the micro debris. The larger stuff is still there, but it’s not widespread.

  • Rather disappointing day in BHP. So much wind blown debris on the trails that it would slow you down and stop you in tracks. Had to be super careful most of the time . Strained an inner thigh ligament from all the crap on the trails.

    • What trails were you skiing Bert? I skied Esker yesterday and found it to be quite good. While there was debris, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, nor did I find it too limiting. Disclaimer: I was skiing with my kids at their pace.

      • things are quite good now. Most of the tree litter has been packed in by skiers. Night conditions today were much faster than daylight hours yesterday and today . High humidity , thin layer of frost made trails very quick.

  • Early Saturday morning, -6° to -12°.
    All trails were groomed yesterday, but the strong wind had blown some snow into classic tracks in a few places, and the corduroy on the Group Use Road was only semi-defined in some places. Worse was the amount of tree debris that had come down, especially on the skate track, which affected glide in many p…[Read more]

    • Hmmm thanks for the report…. was gonna head out, but now thinking I’ll just go check out Windsor since its 2km away vs 35km away…

    • Clarification of “tree debris … affected glide in many places”:
      15 KPH glide was slowing to 11/12 KPH glide on maybe 20% of the skate track. Perhaps I should have said “some places”.
      A bigger factor is that it was -6° at 7:30 AM, but -12° with a thin layer of fresh snow on top at 9:30 AM.

      • By the time I was ready to go the wind was starting to pick up and the temp dropping more.. decided to ride 100km on the trainer instead… :/

  • Saturday morning – the Spruce trail had been beautifully groomed on Friday; however since then a vehicle has traveled along the entire length, creating tire grooves – some as deep as 3″. There’s also lots of tree debris from the high winds, but easy enough to avoid when skate skiing.

  • Chris Ashley posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 week ago

    Anyone know if BHP got groomed in the hurricane.. can only imagine the drifting and debris in the tracks now… too bad since it the long weekend…

    • They were slated to be groomed again today according to the report. Maybe they cancelled it. Im not sure. They usually groom just before the weekend, but with all the wind,even if they did, there will be some damage.
      Murphys law regarding ski grooming is in full force this season, it seems.…[Read more]

  • Sunday and Monday the classic tracks were in excellent shape with some new snow covering the trail debris. I heard that the Spruce trail did not get groomed on Friday.

  • Perfect day in BHP. But where were all the skiers? Only one car left in Chickadee lot around 530PM.
    Rising full moon was awesome sight.

  • A little bit of new snow in the freshly groomed tracks.. Bluestem was awesome this aft!

  • Classic Blue Stem and Esker – Tracks are very good.. East blue stem has the typical portions of debris in the track. West blue stem a little less used so not as fast..

  • Thanks to the park staff for posting a new and hard-to-ignore sign that prohibits walking and suggests alternative hiking trails. The GUR still has some loose snow on it from the weekend but it’s still moderately fast.

  • Trails are good , worn in with a bit of new snow from Sunday. Some slight glazed areas from Sundays zero conditions. The temperature drop was very sharp in 12 hours. Back to green wax, possibly blue / green. GUR is fine , with some loose snow needing packing, but good.
    3/4 moon makes for excellent night skiing, with clear skies. Would have…[Read more]

  • In addition to what we can read on this page about defiant walkers on the ski trails at Birds Hill Park, CCSAM has received email from skiers that further describes camping in the Bluestem warm-up shelter by the people pulling the sled. I’ve forwarded it to Joanne Podolchuk, Birds Hill Park’s District Park Manager, and Manitoba Parks. Thank you…[Read more]

    • Im not going to gripe about walkers anymore. Its obviously going to happen no matter what. Saturday was a fine day, and few skiers out, as far as I could see. Others are viewing skiers as a special privileged group, whether rightly or wrongly.
      The old rule ,”use it or lose it” comes to mind if the trails are seen as usually vacant by non…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill got about 5cm of fresh snow overnight… intended on skating on GUR but it was super slow in the warm temps (and wrong wax)

  • I observed the Southwest portion of the GUR skate trail being wrecked by 3 uncaring nimrods trekking right down the middle of it, pulling sleds and carrying equipment. One item on the sled was a propane tank. Where they were going or doing at dusk, I didn’t care to ask. They park at the Chickadee trail. Have observed them twice now. Tried to…[Read more]

  • BHP Awesome today.. great grooming..some debris especially Blue Stem east and some Lime as mentioned.. and BHP if you read these comments at all.. I personally want to say THANK YOU for having a park official in the Chickadee Lot today!

    • I counted at least 10 trail walkers pulling 6 sleds in my session from 3 to 6PM. The first was angry and confrontational when I merely pointed at the sign at the trailhead. The next 4 I didn’t bother with; 2 adults and two kids with sleds on chickadee between the GUR and Stables. Then another 2 adults with sled and dog on the same trail. At…[Read more]

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