Harvey Zahn

  • Thanks to all the contributors to this source of info. I thought it was about time to add to it a little. Skied Bluestem late last night. The skiff of snow during the day allowed for decent kick. Track is still decently grooved although in places one side is lower than the other. Wonderful skiing into April so far!

  • Bikers are on the trails. I am one of them because of little snow. I guess we need another sign to keep the likes of me off the trails. Are there trails for bikers? Also is anybody finding trouble with the wood at the huts? The wood burns like it is green.

    • In winter the dedicated classic trails are Chickadee, Aspen, Bluestem, Esker, and Lime Kiln. The group use road is dedicated to skating/skijoring..There is also the Spruce trail from Nimowin road that is a skate/skijoring trail they introduced last year.. Through the winter you will eventually end up finding trail for bikers that cuts across the…[Read more]

      • Thanks for the time you took for the detailed response. For the record I am primarily a skier, although the lack of snow may push me towards biking.

        • No prob… BHP is a very busy place come weekends.. its just frustrating to have the trails hammered by people who shouldnt be on there, most of the trail reports you will read, great conditions, park has done an awesome job grooming, ran into 5 people walking down the middle of the trails…. I hear ya about the snow.. like anyday now…