Gary Wickens

  • I was out at 7:20 a.m. Mon. -1c. Chickadee had lots of footprints so I turned around and did West Bluestem in reverse direction. Still in pretty good shape and icy/crusty at that time of day. Lots of double poling and a very satisfying ski with effortless glide.
    Good snow base so who knows how long it will last.

  • I was at BHP Fri. 3:30-4:30. You may be bucking a 40-60 km headwind heading up the hill to the tower but the skiff of fresh snow has covered a lot of the debris. Some new stuff coming down but a net reduction in debris. There’s about 1 cm of new snow in the tracks with a little more in open areas.
    It looks like a great weekend to hit the trails…[Read more]

  • I was out at BHP Sat. p.m. Chickadee and Blue Stem have been groomed over the last few days and are in great shape. Thanks BHP!
    The other trails have been skier tracked only since last weekend’s snowfall.

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 10 months ago

    Sunday morning . Classic trails are in great shape! Yesterday’s light snowfall has been worked in by skiers and glide is really good. The sun is shining and everyone is smiling!

  • Good news for skate skiers. GUR was freshly combed today.
    Classic trails? Let’s hope that BHP can freshen them up tomorrow.
    Why wait for -25c? Let’s go skiers!

    • On Thursday I heard that the Spruce trail has been freshly combed as well. We skied parts of Bluestem, Chickadee and Esker; and tracks were all in really nice shape with a light dusting of new snow.

  • As Kevin has reported BHP classic [only] trails were groomed yesterday p.m. Within a few strides you will know that the Pisten Bully is back as well. Deep firm tracks that haven’t deteriorated one bit since they were set. Good glide at -20c and next to nothing for wind.
    This is what we’ve been missing!

    • Just want to add to Gary’s report that, contrary to Manitoba Parks website, Blue Stem looks to be track set west of Chickadee, as well, and also I did not see any evidence of grooming on the Group Use Road. Excellent conditions.

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 12 months ago

    Trails are still skiable but getting sloppy with the gradual build up of snow in the tracks.
    They could use a redo this week if the equipment is available. Lots of snow on the sides of
    the trails to work with. Thanks BHP!

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 year ago

    The 3 classic trails that have been groomed continue to provide excellent skiing at BHP. Firm tracks with very little debris. Thanks to BHP for deploying the snowmobile based grooming equipment in the absence of the PistenBully. As we know , the PistenBully makes durable tracks that are second to none but under low snow conditions , the snowmobile…[Read more]

    • I have been advocating for years for the use of light equipment in early season and low snow conditions. It is clear that great trails can be made with light equipment. Having multiple tools for different conditions is the best.
      I agree a this should be permanent tool for grooming options.

      Thanks again parks

    • I agree! Great idea to throw to the parks staff.

  • Road Conditions Report
    I went out at 11 on Fri. to participate in the trail breaking but unfortunately the roads in BHP haven’t been plowed. I went in from the East Gate and around the corner from the stop sign. I soon came upon a guy who was stuck and being pulled out by a tractor from the ranch. That was it for me.
    My advice to fellow skiers is…[Read more]

    • Getting in from the Hwy 59 entrance was better, but snowy single-track. Some small cars had made it in to Chickadee. I was surprised to find the roads uncleared. They were doing some plowing as we left this afternoon.

  • Sun. a.m. update. 8:30 plus 2. Tracks and trail surface still frozen. Starting to soften up by 9:30.
    Did E. Aspen from Chickadee lot to crossover to E. Bluestem. First 300 m had walkers but thinned out after. Good double poling. W.Bluestem even better.
    Plus 10 this afternoon. Good time to stay home to watch the Back 9 of the Masters – the best…[Read more]

  • Went Fri. 8:30 a.m. -2. Aspen from Chickadee parking lot to crossover to Bluestem. East Bluestem to tower back to parking lot via incoming Chickadee. Trail surface was still frozen from overnight. Only a few skiers had been ahead of me on Bluestem. Could use some more to help work in the tracks .
    Who knows how long this will last as there’s a good…[Read more]

  • BHP trails [Aspen,Bluestem] still a go as of this a.m. if you like high speed double poling on ice[which I do]. Not sure what tomorrow will bring though. Best track is on West Bluestem followed by East Bluestem and Aspen from Chickadee to stable.

  • Was at BHP at 7:25 this a.m. -1 with a skiff of snow on the icy tracks. Made for a bit of kick to go with the glide on Aspen and Bluestem. Both trails have gotten progressively better this past week due to skier traffic. Unfortunately walker traffic has had the opposite impact. They have moved from Chickadee onto East Aspen and Bluestem. New use…[Read more]

  • Wed. 10:30 a.m. Some of the classic trails groomed ! Aspen , Chickadee and Bluestem at least 1 track on each by snowmobile with 4 ft. leveller and light weight track setter. Thank you groomer!!
    Not sure about Esker and Lime Kiln [didn’t appear to be groomed from the restaurant ] and definitely no grooming on GUR.
    Anyway we had an excellent ski…[Read more]

    • Classic trails were both spongy in places and moist- icy around 6 pm . Borderline klister conditions. Didnt want to bother with sticky wax so went skate skiing instead. GUR is ungroomed and a bit spongy, but will be pretty good at zero and below. Best to go early mornings or in the evenings when temps drop.

  • We had a great run on Esker this a.m. The tracks have held up very well since last week’s grooming and they are very quick! Go now if you can get there before it snows.
    The GUR has been groomed since Wednesday.

  • -22 , no wind , sun is shining and freshly groomed trails. Thanks BHP. It should be a great week of skiing with no blizzards in the forecast.

  • Blizzard beaters take note. As of 10:30 Esker tracks were not blown in at all since yesterday’s grooming and Chickadee only a little more so in open areas. Big thank you to BHP for grooming the trails twice this week despite forecasts of snow soon to follow.

  • I just got back from BHP [Wed. 3 pm]. Hwy. 206 was icy and windblown but the ski trails were not. I did the West Bluestem and it was excellent . A bit crusty underneath from yesterday’s melt but the tracks had a thin cover of new snow which had been worked in by previous skiers. Thank you trail breakers!
    A really good glide at -9 and a fun ski!

  • I just got back from BHP. -23c , sun is shining , no wind in the trails , fresh tracks – what could be better?
    Thanks BHP! Let’s get those tracks polished up for Wednesday. -1 expected!!
    I’d also like to thank the Mystery Groomer who set the single track on Sunday. You made my day!

  • I just noticed on the Manitoba Parks Interactive Map that the cross country ski trails at BHP, including all classics plus the GUR, have been groomed as of today! Looks like a great afternoon for a ski.
    See you out there!

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